If you’ve been considering subscribing to a VPN service, you'll be pleased to hear that there are often brilliant deals to be had and we've got them all to share with you right here in this article. Here, we bring you the best VPN deals available right now.

Best VPN deals available now

VPN deals: What to look for

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is designed to keep you safe from prying eyes online by offering completely anonymous browsing. Not only will it protect your identity and sensitive information, particularly necessary on public or shared WiFi networks, it can also allow you to access blocked content. This can include BBC iPlayer when you’re travelling outside the UK, as well as Netflix in other regions like the US.

Usually available in the form of three or four different plan options, VPNs are traditionally something you can subscribe to for a month or more, with the more time you commit to reducing the price significantly.

Plans also tend to allow you to use the VPN on more than one device, including a PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Discounts on VPNs can be huge, with savings of more than 50% available from some of our favourite VPN providers from time to time.

You can find out more about VPNs, why you might want one and our pick of the 10 best VPNs available in our best VPNs 2018 article here.

Best VPN deals

1. PureVPN VPN five-year subscription

From: PureVPN

Was: $657

Now: $69.99 (89% off)  (£587.01 off)

Get a whopping 84% off when you subscribe to five years of PureVPN this Black Friday. PureVPN currently sits at number three in our best VPN chart.

2. CyberGhost VPN three-year subscription

From: CyberGhost

Was: $431.64

Now: $99  (77% off)

Get three years of CyberGhost for just $2.75 per month. That works out at $99 for the whole two years, compared with its normal price of $395.64. You'll find CyberGhost at number four in our round-up of the best VPNs, so it's a good choice.

3. TunnelBear VPN one-year subscription

From: TunnelBear

Was: $119.88

Now: $59.88  (50% off)

Get a year of TunnelBear for a total of $59.88, which is $4.99 per month and represents a saving of 50%.

4. Strong VPN one-year subscription

From: StrongVPN

Was: $10 per month

Now: $5.93 per month  (41% off)

A VPN that makes it into our top 10, StrongVPN has 25% off if you sign up for a year.

5. Hidden24 VPN one-year subscription

From: Hidden24

Now: £9.99 for 3 months with code idg1709

Get Hidden24 VPN for just £3.33 per month for 3 months using the exclusive code idg1709.

6. IPVanish VPN one-year subscription

From: IPVanish

Was: £143.88

Now: £77.99  (46% off)

7. Express VPN one-year subscription

From: ExpressVPN

Was: $194.25

Now: $99.95 with three months free  ($94.30 off)

Special deal: 12 months plus 3 months free. Get ExpressVPN, one of our favourite VPNs, for $6.67 per month rather than $12.95 per month.

8. Private Internet Access VPN two-year subscription

From: Private Internet Access

Was: £166.80

Now: £69.95  (58% off)