Best apps for a Nexus 4

What are the best apps for a Nexus 4? That is probably the first question you should be asking when thinking about buying, or just after purchasing, a Nexus 4 Android smartphone. Here's where we tell you what we think are the best apps for the Nexus 4. See also Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nexus 4 comparison review.

The Google Nexus 4 is a great smartphone that is unbelievably cheap for its spec. The reason for the cheap price is that Google wants to entice customers with cheap hardware in order for them to spend more money in its own Play app store, rather than its rivals' app stores. The good news is that a lot of excellent apps for a Nexus 4 are free or cheap to install. Visit Group test: what's the best smartphone?

Best apps for a Nexus 4: entertainment

As mentioned above, part of the reason for the low price of the Nexus 4 (and the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10) is because Google hopes to make up that money elsewhere. The main area in which Google envisages making that money back is in the entertainment sector. The Nexus 4 comes preinstalled with some great apps that make watching movies, listening to music and reading books easy to do. Have a quick look on your Nexus 4 for Play Movies & TV, Play Books, Play Music and Play Magazines, the chances are that what you are looking for will be available to download and buy from one of these apps. Read our Google Nexus 7 review.

However, what's really great about the Nexus 4 is that you are not locked in to buying your media exclusively from Google's Play store. The Nexus 4 lets you download media from app stores that are not Google owned, meaning you can shop around a little bit and get some content for rock bottom prices. Take look at Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5 comparison review.

Best eBook apps for a Nexus 4

If you want to use your Nexus 4 as an e-Reader than you should of course look at the Play Books app, but it's also worth installing the Kindle App, the Nook app, the Kobo app, and any other eBook app store you can think off. All of these should be free to download and will give you the option to compare prices before you make an in-app purchase to buy a book.

If you're looking to upload your own eBooks to your Nexus 4, then downloading an independent eReader such Moon Reader is a good idea as it is free and supports all major eBook formats including .ePub .Mobi . pdf .html .txt and absolutely loads more.

Best TV & Movie apps for a Nexus 4

Best TV & Movie apps for a Nexus 4 The same can be said for enjoying movies and TV shows on your Nexus 4. While Play Movies & TV is a great app to have for buying, renting and downloading videos you shouldn't just stick with this for all your audiovisual needs. Make sure you download the BBC Media Player app for example, as it instantly makes the BBC iPlayer site usable on your Nexus 4. And if you have Sky at home, you should definitely download the Sky Go app, which will bring you live sports, movies and Entertainment straight to your Nexus 4 via 3G or Wi-Fi. If you subscribe to Netflix you can also start watching movies and box sets on your Nexus 4 for no extra cost to your subscription too.

Best magazine apps for a Nexus 4

Now, you'll obviously want to download the PC Advisor monthly magazine (and probably some others) as soon as you turn on your Nexus 4, but the question you should be asking is where to download it from. Well, there are three main places that we would recommend. Firstly take a look at Google's built in Play Magazine app, you should also download Zinio and Magzter too. If you're a magazine nut, you should definitely arm your Nexus 4 with these apps and then search for the best price before purchasing and downloading a magazine.

Best music apps for a Nexus 4

Best music apps for a Nexus 4 You really can't go too far wrong with Play Music. First of all it's built in, so you don't have to do much there, but importantly it lets you sync up to 20,000 songs from your personal library to Google's cloud for free, all available for you to stream at your leisure, which means your music library won't take up the valuable non-expandable Nexus 4 storage - should you want to, you can save your favourite tracks to your device for offline playback.

You can also buy individual tracks or albums from the Play Music store at competitive prices too. That's not to say you shouldn't shop around for other music stores to get the best price, from our experience we can recommend downloading Napster and Amazon MP3 apps to do this.

Best social apps for a Nexus 4

Best social apps for a Nexus 4 Social media on smartphones and tablets is very much a level playing field. All the major devices have slick apps built to work seamlessly on all major handsets and operating systems, the Nexus 4 is no different.

If you use Facebook, Twitter or another mainstream social network you should download the official apps straight away. If you're a major Tweeter then you might enjoy TweetCaster too as this is a more hardcore version of the vanilla official Twitter app.

Best news, sport and weather apps for the Nexus 4

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking news, sport and weather apps for your Nexus 4. BBC has a great Android app and widget that is well worth a download for keeping abreast of the latest news. Similarly The Guardian's and Daily Mail's apps are also rammed with breaking news and features. Most major news companies' apps let you tailor your content so you get can see the news that interests you the most first.

Best news, sport and weather apps for the Nexus 4 If you're a sports fan then you can't go too far wrong with the Sky Sports News app. This app will give you the latest sports news, as well as live scores, fixtures, results and up-to-date tables for all major sports... oh and it's free.

If you thought your luck was about to run out there think again. Weather forecasters are practically falling over themselves to bring the latest reports to your Nexus 4. From personal experience we can tell you that AccuWeather for Android is very good, and it also gives you the option of installing a neat widget to your home screen so you can check the forecast at a glance. Other popular weather apps are The Weather Channel, Met Office Weather Application and WeatherBug.

Best games apps for a Nexus 4

Trying to say for definite what the best games for a Nexus 4 are would be impossible. The only real advice we can give you is to go to the Play Store and do some browsing on the downloads charts. Take heed of the amount of downloads and the star ratings and you shouldn't go too far wrong.