Nexus 7

Lots of people will receive Nexus 7 tablets for Christmas this year, or indeed be buying them. They won't be disappointed. The Nexus 7 is a game changer - a beautifully built, but extremely cheap tablet. And thanks to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean it's a slick-and-stylish entertainment device.

If you have just got your Nexus 7, you may be wondering what apps to get first. Here then, is our quick guide to the best apps for the Nexus 7. Let us know of any great Android apps we have missed in the comments below.

Best entertainment apps for Nexus 7

One of the great things about the Nexus 7 is the superb entertainment devices which are baked in to the OS.

Before you do anything else familiarise yourself with Play Music, Play Movies & TV, Play Books, and Play Magazines. These apps offer access to Google's own music, movies, books and magazines stores. They work well, and are competitively priced.

One great thing about the Nexus 7, however, is that unlike the Kindle Fire HD and the Barnes & Noble Nook HD, you are free to shop outside of Google's own markets. And you should install the competitor apps so that you can choose from whom you buy on every occasion.

If you use your Nexus 7 as an e-reader, for instance (and you should) install the Amazon Kindle app. This perfectly supplements the Play Books app, and allows you to choose from whom you buy books. Often there are offers that mean the same book is cheaper on one or other platform. And the Kindle market tends to have titles others don't.

In terms of televisual entertainment, a similar rule applies: use Play Movies & TV, but also give the options a try. YouTube is free and stacked with more content than any other visual platform. The BBC iPlayer requires the installation of BBC Media Player to work, but that media player is a worthwhile install on its own - they are both free so grab them straight away. Sky TV subscribers must get Sky Go, as it offers them the key content from their TV on the move. And for movies LoveFilm isn't available, so Netflix is your best bet.

You can find PC Advisor and other great magazines on the Google Play Magazines app, but you won't lose out by installing both Magzter and Zinio. Again, you may find the same titles for cheaper prices, or even some titles that Google doesn't have. You can get PC Advisor via all of them, as well as our standalone 'Tablet Edition' app.

Supplement your Google Play Music app with one or both of AmazonMP3 and Napster.

Best social apps for Nexus 7

As well as being a great entertainment device, the Nexus 7 makes a brilliant social media gadget. You should grab the Facebook app straight away, as well as a Twitter app - TweetCaster is our personal favourite. I also like Google+, but that is because I like that particular network!

Best information apps for Nexus 7

As well as the great web browser baked in to the Nexus 7, you can add many information apps. A few of my favourites are - naturally - BBC News. An easy-to-use app stuffed with content from one of the world's great news gatherers.

Should you be interested in sport, check out Sky's multiple apps, including the brilliant Sky Sports Football Score Centre app. And to combine all your favourite information sources, try Feedly - a great way of reading and sharing content from your favourite sites.

Best games for Nexus 7

It is impossible to recommend games that everyone likes, but the three I can't currently stop playing are Angry BirdsStick Cricket (and Stick Tennis), and Football Manager Handheld 2012.

Let us know of any games you love for the Nexus 7, or indeed any other apps we should consider.