Microsoft Xbox One console

Microsoft has announced the Xbox One and you probably want one, so we're here to help. Here's where you can pre-order your Xbox One games console and how much it will cost.

The Xbox One console was revealed last week and you can already pre-order the device online so we've rounded up all your options. You can pay a £20 deposit with some retailers of simply pre-order the Xbox One with others. See also: Xbox One launch: as it happened.

Xbox One price

Now E3 2013 has arrived we've finally found out how much the Xbox One will cost. The console will set you back £429 including a controller and the new Kinect sensor.

For comparison, the PS4 will cost £349 but it doesn't come with the PlayStation Camera which will be sold separately for £44.

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Where to pre-order the Xbox One


Online super retailer Amazon originally listed the Xbox One for a whopping £599 with free with super saver delivery. See also: Does the Xbox One require an always-on internet connection?

It's a high price tag but Amazon has said "Order now and you'll be charged the lowest price at release".

It has now, of course, matched the price announced by Microsoft at E3 of £429.

Pre-order at Amazon.


A more reasonable price was found at Zavvi which listed the Xbox One for £399 and even states a release date of 30 November. However, it does say that both are to be confirmed by Microsoft.

It has also changed the price to £429.

Pre-order at Zavvi.

Xbox One controller

The Hut

You can also pre-order the Xbox One at The Hut which, unsurprisingly, has the console for £429. Like Zavvi, it has a release date of 30 November.

Pre-order at The Hut.


Like it has done for the PS4, Asda is selling a pre-order voucher for the Xbox One priced at £20. This deposit gains you a pre-order code to use when the console is available to order from Asda Direct. It will give you priority over those ordering without the code the £20 will be deducted from the price.

Asda doesn't estimate a price for the Xbox One and only says the console will be released 'Christmas 2013'.

Pre-order at Asda.


In the same style as Asda, Game is taking £20 deposits for the Xbox One promising a guaranteed console on launch day. The £20 will be taken off the final price of the console with Game hasn't even speculated on as yet.

Game now has the Xbox One listed in full at £429.

Pre-order at Game.


Once again, a £20 deposit will secure an Xbox One console at Blockbuster. "Place your pre-order deposit for the new Xbox One console at and we will email you before the release to let you know the final details of the console, including pricing." the company said.

Customers will be able to choose between delivery and collection in store and the £20 deposit will be taken off the price of the Xbox One. Blockbuster hasn't stated a release date for the console yet.

Pre-order at Blockbuster.

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