The January sales have begun on everything from gaming headsets to consoles and even gaming chairs. Gaming chairs offer improved comfort and support over long periods of gaming, but as with most game-related products, they can get expensive pretty quickly. That makes finding a good money-saving deal all the more important.

That’s where we at Tech Advisor come in; we’ve searched the web for the best value gaming chair deals in the UK right now, and list them here.

Best Gaming chair deals for January 2020

What to look for when buying a gaming chair

When you’re on the market for a gaming chair, there are several factors you should consider as, unlike most standard chairs, gaming chairs aren’t always one-size-fits-all.

The first, and most important, is ergonomics. Basic gaming chairs only have height adjustment, but it’s well worth looking for a chair that features a reclining back and adjustable armrests too. Take the chair’s backrest height into consideration, and measure yourself if possible too.

After all, it’s important that your chair properly supports your spine and offers enough adjustment to fit your body, rather than the other way around.

Longevity is another factor to consider, and this is where gaming chairs can get expensive.

Entry-level gaming chairs often feature cheap foam that’ll lose its shape and becomes less supportive over time. High-quality foam should retain structure and provide support for years, while also having the benefit of supporting heavier users. The material should also be considered; most feature PU leather, but some feature real leather that should last a lot longer.

And, of course, the length of the warranty should be considered; after all, there are plenty of moving parts in a gaming chair and there’s always a possibility that something will go wrong. For more helpful advice, take a look at our selection of the best gaming chairs – complete with buying advice.

Where to find gaming chair deals

You’ll find gaming chair deals from a number of PC-themed retailers in the UK including Currys and Overclockers UK, and it’s also worth going directly to gaming chair manufacturer’s websites for attractive deals – especially during sale seasons.

It goes without saying that Amazon, one of the biggest online retailers in the world, often features money-saving deals on popular gaming chairs. These can come in the form of Lightning Deals, deals that are only available for a limited time and often feature limited stock.

We’d recommend signing up for Amazon’s 30-day free trial of Prime to get access 30 minutes early – along with the other benefits of Prime membership too, of course.

If you want to browse yourself, the following retailers offer gaming chair deals:

1. Secretlab 2020 Series

From: Secretlab

Now: Up to £80 off

Secretlab is amongst the best gaming chair manufacturers on the market, and the entire 2020 range of chairs is discounted right now. You'll get £25 off if you buy one chair or £80 off if you buy two. 

2. Vertagear Triigger Line 275 Gaming Chair

From: Overclockers UK

Was: £519.95

Now: £399.95  (£120 off)

It's a little more premium than other deals, but if you want a gaming chair that doesn't sport the typical bucket seat design, the Triigger Line 275 series is a good option.  

3. Vertagear P-Line PL4500 Gaming Chair

From: Overclockers UK

Was: £379.99

Now: £239.99  (£140 off)

The P-Line PL4500 features PU leather covering, an expanded seat surface and backrest with height adjustability. It also has an impressive max load of 180kg, making it a great option for larger users! 

4. Corsair T1 Race (2018) Gaming Chair

From: eBuyer

Was: £219.98

Now: £178.97  (£41.01 off)

Despite the sub-£200 price tag, the Corsair T1 Race (2018 Edition) boasts premium features including a steel skeleton for extra support, a 180-degree reclining seat back and 4D armrests. You'll also get adjustable neck and lumbar pillows covered in soft microfiber fabric. Not bad for less than £180! 

5. ADX ACHAIR19 Gaming Chair

From: Currys PC World

Was: £150

Now: £100  (£50 off)

If you want a cheap, no-thrills gaming chair that looks the part, the ADX ACHAIR19 is the one for you. You'll also get six months of Spotify Premium thrown in to sweeten the deal!