Tech you just can't live without

It's holiday season, and that means a lot of packing and unpacking suitcases trying to squeeze in everything you own. Take out the kitchen sink: you've got tech to pack.  

We asked 4,465 readers what tech they couldn't go on holiday without (they were allowed to select multiple options). By far the most popular response was that their smartphone, and 67 percent wouldn't dream of jetting off without it in their hand luggage. If you're looking for the very best smartphone for your travels, check out the 37 best smartphones of 2014.

It's no surprise to see cameras in second place, with 36 percent still keen to carry a dedicated camera despite the great snappers now found on our smartphones. After all, some of our most memorable shots come from family holidays. If you're looking for a compact camera, read our advice on how to buy the best digital camera.

Slightly behind with 32 percent of the vote came tablets. Able to do anything a smartphone can, but with a bigger screen on which to watch video, tablets are increasingly popular with consumers. We've rounded up the 26 best tablets of 2014, and help you decide which tablet you should buy

Bigger and bulkier than your phone or tablet, but still the ultimate tool for getting work done on the move, laptops came in at 29 percent. You guys do know you're supposed to be on holiday, right? Anyway, if you're after the ultimate laptop for taking abroad, maybe best to stick to an ultraportable - check out the best ultraportable laptops 2014.

The humble MP3 player surprised us with 17 percent of the vote. Given that even your satnav can play music these days, it's interesting to find MP3 players are so popular. Incidentally, if you are also after a satnav, check out what to look for in a satnav, or if you're still just interested in the music, see how to transfer music to your phone or tablet. 

Then came e-readers, with 11 percent of survey respondents no doubt dreaming about lying on a sunny beach and finally finishing that book they started months ago. If you're looking for a decent e-reader to take on holiday, check out the 12 best e-readers 2014 

The remaining choices were portable games console (9 percent), radio (6 percent) and smartwatch (5 percent), while 7 percent claimed to not take any tech on holiday with them and 6 percent took some other kind of tech.  

With all this tech to pack, do away with multiple chargers and cables and take a portable charger - check out the 9 best portable USB chargers 2014

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