SOny PRS-T2 e-Reader review

The Sony PRS-T2 e-reader is a great successor to the PRS-T1. The differences are perhaps minor, but the new model adds Evernote and Facebook, and improves loading times. The one area where it falls short compared to last year's model is the audio support, that has been left out completely. Even without the audio feature, the PRS-T2 is one of the fastest and complete e-readers that is currently available. See also: TOP 5 eREADERS.

Last year Sony introduced the PRS-T1, an e-reader that stood out for several reasons. That was not only because it was affordably priced for a Sony product, but it was also fast and provided a smooth reading experience. It excelled in those areas that are important for e-readers, such as having a low weight and long battery life. Sony now released the PRS-T2, which resembles last year's model a lot at first glance. Hardware.Info tested it to find out if it can be equally successful.

The PRS-T2 was introduced at the IFA fair earlier this year, and is already available in stores. The recommended price is slightly lower than that of its predecessor, the T2 is available for £119 on Sony's website. For that price you get the reader, a micro USB cable, a plastic stylus and a quick start guide. If you want a cover, that will cost you another £29 for the standard version and £39 for the one with reading light. That's a lot of money for an accessory that's a pretty essential part of the product. Most people will want a cover, as e-ink displays on e-reader are sensitive. The affordable price of the reader is therefore a little misleading. However, you do get an e-reader with touchscreen and WiFi, and other brands also do not always include accessories.

One difference with last year's model is the lack of audio support. On the PRS-T1 you were able to play music files, and we do miss that feature. However, there are many good things about the new version as well. Like its predecessor, the PRS-T2 has a micro-SD card reader if you need more than the standard 2 GB of storage. If you use one of Sony's covers, you can't access the card reader and will first have to remove the e-reader from the cover. A standard SD format would have been preferable, but at least it's possible to expand the storage capacity.

It takes about 20 to 25 seconds to turn on the Sony PRS-T2. That's pretty fast, faster than most smartphones and most other e-readers. From sleep mode it's virtually instantaneous. The startup screen is well-organised. The most recently read book is displayed in large at the top, recent additions are found on a row below it, and at the bottom there are three options - library, buying more e-books and applications.

Those applications include a browser, newspaper subscriptions, notes (an overview of notes you made in books), a dictionary, writing software, picture gallery, settings and individual settings for Evernote and Facebook. Those last two features are new, and were not present on last year's PRS-T2. Evernote is a program for taking extensive notes, including the ability for saving parts of web pages and other sources, and supports audio.

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