Lego may be almost 70 years old but its popularity continues to grow. The colourful plastic bricks and minifigures are loved by kids and adults alike, with sets ranging from Harry Potter and Disney to James Bond and World Buildings.

There is a catch, though. Lego does not come cheap. Some sets cost upwards of £200 which makes buying them as Christmas presents rather pricey. Thankfully, there are some great Lego deals available, particularly as part of big sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You’ll also find Lego video games, Lego merchandise and Lego movies available at discounted prices.

Here, we bring you the best Lego deals we’ve found across the web in the UK. You may also want to check out our round-up of our favourite Lego sets.

It’s worth noting that many Lego sets are only produced for a limited time so they tend to hold onto their value, especially if you keep them in excellent condition and don’t throw away the box or instructions. Better yet, keep them and don’t open them at all and you might find that in a few years time you make a healthy profit, but of course that’s nowhere near as fun.

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Best Lego deals

1. Lego Rough Terrain Crane Technic

From: Very

Was: £229.99

Now: £159.99  (£70 off)

This Lego set has £70 off from Very. See more LEGO deals from Very here.

2. Lego Star Wars Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

From: Amazon

Was: £149.99

Now: £130  (£20 off)

Save £20 on this brilliant Millennium Falcon set based on the new Solo movie, including 6 minifigures

3. Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator Construction Toy

From: Amazon

Was: £189.99

Now: £149.99  (£40 off)

Save £40 on the largest Lego Technic set ever made

4. LEGO Friends Heartlake Friendship House Building Set

From: Smyths Toys

Was: £59.99

Now: £54.99  (£5 off)

This lovely LEGO Friends set features a four-story converted fire station, complete with a hot tub, juice bar, music dock and a lockout tower. There are 722 pieces and four minifigures included.

5. Lego Boost Creative Toolbox Robot Building Kit

From: Amazon

Was: £149.99

Now: £139.99  (£10 off)

Save £10 on this Lego set that lets you build, code, and control five different robots

6. LEGO Fantastic Beasts Newt's Case of Magical Creatures

From: Amazon

Was: £44.99

Now: £36  (£9 off)

This new set from the Wizarding World collection will make a brilliant Christmas gift. It has four minifigures, three beasts and 694 pieces overall