Your hair may not be looking its best right now, with hairdressers out of reach and nights out meaning nothing more than a quick jog around the block.

But just because you’ve got nowhere to go doesn’t mean there’s no reason to take care of your hair. This is a great time to experiment with new looks and perfect your hair styling skills. Besides, pampering yourself can be a mood-booster and we can all do with a bit of that at the moment.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best current deals on hair styling products from high-quality brands.

Here are our top picks.

Best hair styling deals

Where to find hair styling deals

As with a lot of electrical products, shops can make it seem that you’re getting a great deal by comparing their current sales price to a high RRP. An item’s recommended retail price isn’t always a true reflection of its worth, as it may have devalued over time. Good deals will usually be discounted in comparison to current prices on rival sites.

It’s also worth considering the value of loyalty card points. If you have a loyalty card with any of the high street health and beauty stores (like Boots or Superdrug), it’s worth checking out what deals they have, as you’re likely to gain a lots of points when purchasing a bigger item like a hair styling product.


Although the phrase ‘the hotter the better’ may apply to many things in life, hair straighteners aren’t necessarily among them. The original GHD straighteners heat to 185°C (365°F), which the company says is the optimum temperature for straightening. However, most straighteners now will have a range of temperature options. The Dyson Corrale, for example, has three heat settings: 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F) and 210°C (410°F).

A range of settings is a good thing to look out for as the more heat you use on your hair, the greater the damage to it. So, a range of settings will allow you to choose a gentler option when you just want to run a straightener through it to smooth your hair and de-frizz it.

Speaking of de-frizzing, when buying, take into consideration the material that the straightening plates are made from. Titanium plates are a good choice for thick, coarse hair but they may cause damage to fine hair.

Ceramic plates may be best for thin or flyaway hair. And if your hair is damaged through colouring or other treatments, look for tourmaline or ionic plates, which will help to seal the hair shaft and prevent frizz.

To get a bit more info on what's out there, have a look at our round-up of the best hair straighteners to see what we rate.

Hair dryers

The first thing to consider is wattage. Lower wattage means a longer drying time. A decent wattage for a hair dryer is 1,500 watts, 1,800-1,850 is good and more than this is moving towards professional quality (which can go up to 3,600 watts).

As with straighteners, you can now buy titanium, ceramic and tourmaline or ionic dryers. These are best for thick, thin and dry and frizzy and damaged hair respectively.

A cool shot is a much-underused feature that helps you to set your style. Other extra features on a hair dryer to look out for are a nozzle for blow drying the hair straight (make sure you use a barrel brush for this), or a diffuser for curly hair.

If you're looking for a recommendation, the Dyson Supersonic is one of our favourites: read our full review.

Curling irons and other curlers

Curling irons generally fall into two categories: wands, which don’t have a clamp; and irons or tongs, which do. With a wand, you wrap the hair around it yourself. It should heat up faster than tongs. But tongs will probably give you a smoother, shinier finish.

The thickness and shape of the barrel will affect the type of curl you end up with. Thicker barrels mean larger, softer curls.

If curling irons and the threat of burned fingers are too much, you can try an automatic hair curler, which basically involves simply putting a section of your hair in the machine and letting it do the hard work. The only downside to these products is that you won’t have much control over the end result, and they can be a little more expensive.

Happy styling!

Best hair styling deals

Here are the best deals on hair styling products right now:

1. GHD Original IV Styler

From: Supercuts

Was: £109

Now: £99  (£10 off)

Save a tenner on the GHD Original IV Styler right now.

2. BaByliss Curl Secret 2667U

From: Simply Be

Was: £119.99

Now: £79  (£40.99 off)

Get over a third off this natural curling tool. Not sure how to create natural curls? BaByliss' design makes it simple. You also get two heat settings and three timer settings for different curl effects. 

3. BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer

From: Very

Was: £55

Now: £42  (£13 off)

Get almost 25% off the price of this mid-range hairdryer from BaByliss. With 2300W, ionic frizz-control, three heat settings, two speed settings and a large diffuser for enhancing curling hair, you're certain to get a lot of versatility from the Diamond 2300. 

4. Babyliss 2481U Straight & Curl Hair Straightener

From: John Lewis

Was: £120

Now: £54  (Save £66)

Get 55% off this titanium-plate straightener that doubles as a curler.

5. GHD Platinum + Straighteners & Air Hair Dryer gift set


Was: £298

Now: £195.99  (£102.01 off)

Get over a third off this gift set which includes GHD Platinum straighteners, an ionic hair dryer and a travel case.

6. Babyliss 3Q Professional Hair Dryer


Was: £120

Now: £48.59  (£71.41 off)

There's over 50% off this Babyliss ionic hair dryer with a ten-year guarantee on its motor.