Electric bikes are more expensive than regular bikes, but right now you can save money and avoid paying full price.

We’ve rounded up the best deals we can find, offering hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds of the usual prices.

Best electric bike deals right now

What to look for in an electric bike

There are lots of different types of electric bikes, including mountain, road, hybrid, folding and more. Plus, there are various places the motor can live: the front or rear wheel, or by the cranks.

More importantly is whether the motor uses a simple motion sensor or a more advanced torque sensor to decide how much power to apply. In short, it’s best to get a bike with a torque sensor – if you can afford the higher prices they command.

You'll find more buying advice in our roundup of the best electric bikes.

Where to look for electric bike deals

If you don’t like the look of any of the bike deals here, then shop around and see if you can find any deals we’ve missed.

The best places to look are

However, if you’re willing to accept a shop demo bike or one with slight cosmetic damage, there are discounts to be had from sites such as Fully Charged

Best electric bike deals

1. Carrera Vulcan-E (2018 model, 16in frame)

From: Halfords

Was: £1400

Now: £995  (£405 off)

If you're a shorter rider, then this deal should appeal. Halfords has knocked over £400 off the 2018 Vulcan electric bike, but only models with a 16in frame are left.

2. Focus Whistler2 3.9 2019 Electric Hardtail Mountain Bike

From: Rutland Cycline

Was: £1299

Now: £749  (£550 off)

A great big 42% off the original price of this electric mountain bike makes the Focus Whistler2 a very good deal. The spec isn't what we'd call high end, and it wouldn't be great value at £1299, but at this price, you can probably live with Shimano Altus gears. 

Like Gtech's Sport bike, this one has no buttons or display on the handlebars: you simply turn it on and go.

There's a choice of small, medium and large frames, with the latter two having 29in wheels and the small one coming with 27.5in. Note that none come with pedals!

Even so, it's a lot of electric bike for the money.

3. Scott Aspect eRide 10 27.5” / 29er Mens Electric Hardtail Mountain Bike

From: Cycle Republic

Was: £3899

Now: £2299  (£1600 off)

A high-end electric mountain bike, the Aspect e10 comes in medium and large frame sizes and uses a Bosch CX system with a Purion display. Pedals aren't included with this model, but you can save an extra £150 of this price until 18 November using the code SAVE150 at the checkout.

4. Raleigh Felix 700c Crossbar Electric Hybrid Bike

From: Halfords

Was: £1799

Now: £1529  (£270 off)

Using the Bosch Active Line crank-driven motor and torque sensor, the Felix is a well-equipped touring or commuting bike with 700c wheels. Despite the 300Wh battery, range is up to 60 miles. 

The discount just a couple of weeks ago was £180, but now there's £270 off, so it's an even better deal.

5. Assist Hybrid Electric Bike

From: Halfords

Was: £499

Now: £398  (£101 off)

Even at the higher price, this is one of the cheapest electric bikes available in the UK, and this is a good discount of that. It's basic, there's no doubt of that, but if you want an electric bike on a tight budget without importing it from China, this is a good option.