Drones are a lot of fun, whether you’re spending £50 or £2,000 on one. It’s always nice to save a bit of money though, especially if you're investing in an expensive drone, when a decent discount could translate to hundreds of pounds.

Some are pocket-sized but others have amazing capabilities, flying high above buildings to capture some seriously impressive aerial photography. There really is a drone for every budget, and it’s a really fun hobby to get into.

You can start big if you want, but that usually means spending hundreds of pounds. Maybe try a smaller model to pique your interest and then invest from there. Either way, all the drones on this page are discounted.

Drones are usually categorized into fun drones, camera drones, stunt drone and racing drones – all pretty self-explanatory. Decide what you want to do with one before you buy, and read our expert buying advice.

Best drone deals right now

Where to look for drones deals

Retailers such as Argos, Currys PC World and Maplin have discounted drones of all shapes and sizes in the past, and you can usually trust that at least one of them will be offering some discounts at any given time.

Amazon also runs regular sales, with new deals every day and thousands of Lightning Deals every hour. We'd recommend signing up to its 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime now. You'll then get access to Lightning Deals 30 minutes early as well as free next day delivery.

Best drone deals

1. Nikko Drl Race Vision 220 FPV Pro Drone

From: Menkind

Was: £199.99

Now: £69.99  (£130 off)

The Nikko FPV drone comes with goggles so you can get that first-person view when you fly. 

2. Recon Observation Drone with Camera

From: Amazon

Was: £49.99

Now: £37.99  (£12 off)

Save £12 on this drone at Amazon right now.

3. Hubsan Star Pro Wi-Fi Drone 507A

From: Menkind

Was: £149.99

Now: £59.99  (£90 off)

4. Tozo Q2020 RC Quadcopter Drone

From: Amazon

Was: £159.90

Now: £29.90  (£130 off)

5. Eachine E50 720p Selfie Drone

From: Banggood.com

Was: £51.07

Now: £28.45  (44% off)

6. PARROT Disco FPV Drone with Controller

From: Amazon

Was: £1149.99

Now: £359  (£790.99 off)

If you're looking for something more heavy duty, you can score a massive discount on this drone.

7. TOZO Q1012 Drone

From: Amazon

Was: £169.99

Now: £59.90  (£110 off)

8. T101 Nano Spy Drone

From: MenKind

Was: £49.99

Now: £24.97  (£25 off)

Get this tiny drone for half price from MenKind right now.