In the age of streaming services and digital downloads, buying physical copies of movies and TV shows is slowly going out of vogue. But there are plenty of us that still want to buy films on a disc, whether it’s for the sake of the special features, to watch in crisp Ultra HD, or just to have a pretty box sitting on the shelf.

Still, they can be expensive, especially if you buy 4K UHD Blu-rays, so sale events like Black Friday, on 23 November this year, are a great excuse to stock up the collection, as there are almost always some steep discounts on the latest releases and a few big box sets.

We're rounding up some of the best DVD and Blu-ray deals out there not just leading up to Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) but for the rest of the holiday season.

As always with any home entertainment purchase, take care to get the right format - you can’t play a Blu-ray in a DVD player, and similarly you can’t play 4K Ultra HD discs in a Blu-ray player. Don’t make the mistake of paying extra for a format that you can’t even take advantage of!

Bear in mind that deal details change pretty quickly, so anything we’ve added here is correct at the time of writing, but the exact pricing might change by the time you get to it.

1. Solo: A Star Wars Story

From: Zavvi

Was: £17.99

Now: £9.99  (£8 off)

2. The Greatest Showman DVD

From: Amazon

Now: £10

3. Fear The Walking Dead: Season 1-4 (DVD)


Was: £69.99

Now: £59.99  (£10 off)

4. Marvel Studios Collector's Edition Box Set Phase 2 (DVD)

From: Zavvi

Was: £36.99

Now: £29.99  (£7 off)

5. The Hateful Eight Blu-ray


Was: £12.99

Now: £4.09  (£8.90 off)

Get Tarantino's latest film on Blu-ray for a price less than Amazon's.

6. Narcos Season 1-3 (DVD)

From: Amazon

Now: £24.99

7. Fast & Furious 8 Blu-ray Steelbook

From: Zavvi

Was: £29.99

Now: £10.99  (£19 off)

Get the latest Fast & Furious film on Blu-ray in this slick steelbook.