Not that long ago getting excited about a discount on a vacuum was a sign that you were either deranged or dull, but in the modern age of cordless cleaners and sci-fi Dyson designs, we've probably all flirted with the idea of grabbing a hoover in a sale.

On the other hand, as vacuums have gotten more and more high-tech - and started being sold by a wider variety of retailers - it's trickier to make sure you find the right model for you, and to be sure that what looks like a bargain really is worth the money. That's where we come in.

If you know you're desperate for a Dyson, you might have better luck in our dedicated Dyson deals guide. But if you're brand-agnostic, here are the best savings we've found on various vacuums - including Dysons. 

Best vacuum cleaner deals right now

Best hoover discounts: What to look for

Buying a vacuum used to be a lot simpler. You basically had to decide between an upright or a cylinder and then pick how much you wanted to spend. But these days, with battery-powered cordless options and even automated robot vacuums that connect to the cloud, there's a lot more to think about.

Here are the main types to consider, but check out our reviews of the best vacuums and the best robot vacuums for more in-depth info.

Cordless vacuums

This is the modern style popularised by Dyson - though just about every vacuum manufacturer makes their own cordless variant these days. Freeing you from a cord means there's no need to limit where you can clean or get caught up in the cable, making these a lot more convenient - especially for large houses or anywhere with multiple floors.

Battery life is the main thing to look out for - the best go up to an hour, the worst sometimes just 15 minutes - and suction power also varies considerably. Make sure to think about weight too: not all cordless vacuums are as light as they look, and you'll have to carry the whole weight as you go around, so it's important to factor in. Bear in mind that you'll probably also pay a bit more than for traditional vacuums.

Robot vacuums

The humble Roomba has spawned a whole market of robot vacuums which have been to take off in the last few years. Advancements in AI tech mean most modern versions do a much better job of learning and navigating the environment (so they don't get stuck on your shoelaces quite so often) and have enough battery to clean a decent area.

Look out for robot vacuums with app support, which let you monitor progress remotely, trigger a clean from work, and sometimes even draw out no-go areas on a digital map of your home. The only downside? Again, these are expensive, with top models selling for as much as £800/$800 at full price. Hence looking for deals.

Cylinder vacuums

The classic Henry the Hoover design, cylinder vacuums consist of a large cylindrical vacuum on wheels with a separate hose attachment. That makes them flexible for reaching remote spots or ceiling corners, and also means the bit you have to carry is lightweight, though you do have to keep repositioning the main base.

Upright vacuums

A little less common now, upright vacuums build the vacuum element into the handle, so you have to carry the whole thing around, but don't have an awkward wheely base. These are essentially the more powerful, corded forebears of modern cordless designs, but have mostly been superseded since.

Multifunction cleaners

Finally, keep an eye out for multifunction vacuums. As the name suggests, these include extra functionality on top of vacuuming: usually either a mop or a carpet cleaner. That's obviously more convenient than having to keep multiple appliances, but makes the vacuum bulkier and usually more expensive too.

Where to find vacuum cleaner offers

You'll be able to find savings on vacuums from plenty of different retailers, especially towards the end of the year as we get into Black Friday and Christmas season.

If you find a model you like, we would also advise comparing the price against at least two to three other retailers and of course against Amazon if you haven't already.

As with most things, Amazon is one of the best places to look first, especially if you look in the Deals of the Day. These discounts offered for a limited time (often for a few hours only), or until stocks run out - they're also known as Lightning Deals. See Amazon's dedicated Vacuum Cleaner page for deals across all types of vacuums.

We'd recommend signing up to Amazon's 30 day free trial of Prime, which will not only get you access to Lightning deals 30 minutes earlier than non-Prime members, but will also get you free next-day delivery. Plus, you'll get access to Prime Video, which you can access through your smart TV, and other benefits during your trial, too.

If you're in the UK, other great places to look include Argos, Currys, AO, and Very. It's always worth keeping John Lewis in mind too - the company's price match policies mean it often matches some of the best deals from other retailers, while including better customer service and warranty policies.

Best vacuum deals

1. Dyson V8 Absolute

From: Amazon

Was: £399.99

Now: £319.99  (£80 off)

Get £80 off Dyson's former flagship V8 vacuum, which gives some of the best bang for your buck in the Dyson range

2. Eufy RoboVac 30C

From: Amazon

Was: £249.99

Now: £174.99  (£100 off)

Save big on this Wi-Fi-enabled smart robot vacuum from Eufy, which we gave 4.5/5 stars in our review. This deal is also available directly from Eufy.

3. Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

From: Shark

Was: £349.99

Now: £199.99  (£150 off)

We've previously recommended Shark's DuoClean Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner and gave it four stars out of five in our review

4. Neato Robotics Botvac D7 Connected Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum

From: Amazon

Was: £799

Now: £624  (£175 off)

Save a whopping £175 on one of the best robot vacuums we've ever reviewed.

5. Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

From: AO

Was: £274

Now: £199  (£75 off)

This is the best price we've found right now for Dyson's V7, which is a few years old but still a phenomenal vacuum

6. Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum (Refurbished)

From: Dyson eBay Store

Was: £159.99

Now: £129  (£30 off)

The V6 is an older model, and it's refurbished, but at £129 you won't find any cheaper Dyson cordless vacuum this year

7. Morphy Richards Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

From: Amazon

Was: £99.99

Now: £89.95  (£10 off)

This lightweight cordless vacuum has around £10 off right now

8. AEG CX7-2-45AN Cordless Lightweight 2-in-1 Pet Stick Vacuum Cleaner

From: Amazon

Was: £299.99

Now: £183.71  (£116.28 off)

There's almost 40% off this pet-friendly stick cleaner.

9. Miele Complete C3 Series 120 PowerLine Vacuum Cleaner

From: John Lewis

Was: £249

Now: £179  (£70 off)

That's 28% off the RPP for this Miele vacuum cleaner.

10. iRobot Roomba 671 Smart Robot Vacuum

From: Amazon

Was: £399

Now: £249  (£150 off)

Save £150 on this smart robot vacuum that can be controlled remotely