If interior design is your thing and you want your TV to blend into your modern living room, then the Connect ID range from Loewe should be on your shortlist. Here ID stands for Individual Design. Loewe claims the series offers 2,160 variations, so chances are that one will fit nicely into your modern living room. Since these aren't cheap TVs by a long shot, the question is how good they really are aside from looking stylish. Hardware.Info tested the 40-inch DR+ Connect ID TV. See also Group test: what's the best TV?

It is difficult to discuss the exterior of the Connect IS, because so many aspects can be customised. The test sample is the standard version, that stands like a picture frame. Underneath the TV there are two small rubber feet, and on the back there is a single aluminium leg for support. The tested TV featured a white finish around the screen, with a black speaker on the bottom spanning the entire width. In the middle it has a round button, with in the centre a receiver for the remote.

You can choose between twelve colour combinations and 30 configuration options with different bases and mounting solutions. Together with the three different sizes of 32 inches, 40 inches and 46 inches and the optional hard disk recorder and 3D capability, Loewe ends up with 2,160 possible unique configurations.

Loewe implemented connectors on the side and the bottom. On the left rear side there is an S-Video input with audio ports, a headphone jack, a USB port and a single HDMI port. You will also find two CAM slots for CI(+) CAM modules. On the bottom of the TV you'll find another two HDMI ports along with AV, VGA, LAN, USB and audio input and output. The television is equipped with DVB-T, DVB-C and two separate DVB-S tuners, where the DVB-T and DVB-C tuners share one connector. The two satellite tuners have their own antenna connector, so you can connect multiple satellite dishes or a multi-LNB so that each tuner can be active on a different channel. Loewe really stands out when it comes to the features for satellite TV and how you customise everything. You're also able to alternate between DVB-C, DVB-T and DVB-S, and you can configure which system gets what preset number. This makes it a piece of cake to switch between digital cable and satellite while you're watching TV.

To find out how well this TV performs and how it compares to other high-end televisions, read the full review on Hardware.Info.

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