There are those that swear by monitors with a resolution of 1900x1200 pixels, and feel that an extra 129,600 pixels make all the difference. Of course there's something to be said for a little additional vertical space. We were therefore excited to hear that Iiyama has not abandoned this segment yet, when it announced the ProLite XB2485WSU. Hardware.Info tested it to find whether the Dell UltraSharp U2412M has a new competitor.

Most monitors have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, which has the same 16:9 aspect ratio as widescreen TVs, TV programmes and most films (1.78:1). That means you won't have those black bars above and below the picture.

Windows Vista introduced the horizontal desktop with the idea that a sidebar with gadgets with be located next to the main window, a concept that Windows 7 and now Windows 8 have taken much farther. Now you can have a second program in that narrow area, and the orientation of the Modern/Metro UI is clearly horizontal.

Still, there remains a small yet vocal group of users that are sticking with the 16:10 aspect ratio. It was the norm for only a short period, around 2005. The 1680x1050 resolution has become virtually extinct, especially in consumer products. 1920x1200 can still be found in some products, mostly monitors, but a few tablets introduced this year also use the 16:10 aspect ratio.

The most obvious advantage of 1920x1200 is the extra vertical space. Displaying two A4 documents full-screen side-by-side works a little better, and large spreadsheets also benefit from the extra pixels, not to mention photo and video editing. On the other hand, you will have a narrow black bar on the top and bottom when you watch video, but it's only 60 pixels.

A drawback is that 1920x1200 monitors generally are quite a bit more expensive than 1920x1080 models. That's because they are more rare, and also because they typically are designed with more deluxe and solid materials.

Even if they are rare, manufacturers do come with a new 1920x1200 monitor, like this ProLite XB2485WSU which is available for £273. We tested it and compared it to the Iiyama ProLite XB2380HS-B1, a comparable model with a 16:9 aspect ratio that you can buy for £181.

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