Looking to switch broadband service this month to find the best internet provider? Or simply want to know how your broadband compares to others? You're in the right place to find out, as we bring you the best broadband deals available in the UK to help you decide which is the best package for you. 

If you're primarily after speed, check out our article on the fastest broadband provider in the UK, and if you're after TV and broadband bundle deals, we have a dedicated article for that too.

Check broadband coverage in your area

Before we start, it's important to check that the broadband provider you're interested in can cover your area. You might be surprised to find that the broadband provider a friend uses who only lives a few miles away might not be available for your home. 

Whether you're looking for the best broadband deals in London or elsewhere you can find out using our tool below - simply type in your postcode and the tool will show you the best deals in your area. After you've searched, you can click on 'filter your results' to narrow down your results.

New broadband speed claims guidance

In May 2018, the ASA issued new broadband speed claims guidance that gives a more accurate representation of the speed you can expect from the broadband package you choose.

The change followed research into consumers' understanding of broadband speed claims, which found that consumers are being misled by advertising from internet service providers (ISPs).

Now, ISPs need to advertise the median download speed measured at peak-time or over 24 hours, or a range of download speeds available to the 20th to 80th percentile of users measured at peak time or over 24 hours.

You can test the speed of your internet connection using our tool found here.

What's the fastest broadband?

Virgin: 100Mbps | unlimited | £26 per month

Average download speed: 108Mbps

Virgin's fibre-optic broadband package is very fast and reliable. 50Mpbs is enough for most single users or couples, but if you share your home with a bigger family who tends to use the internet at once, you might want to consider opting for 100Mbps.

Virgin currently offers the 100Mbps plan for £26 per month for the first 12 months with a £35 activation fee. Be sure to choose Vivid 100 & phone to get this cheaper price, as choosing broadband without the phone line is actually more expensive. 

The internet speed is faster than most options offered by rival providers and the average download speeds are even faster than advertised, at 108Mbps. It has won plenty of broadband awards for overall satisfaction, reliability and speed, so is highly recommended.

Find out more on the Virgin website.

Virgin: 350Mbps | unlimited | £36 per month

Average download speed: 362Mbps

For the ultimate speed, there's the 350Mbps option from Virgin, which costs £36 per month with line rental included. There is a £35 activation fee however. Again, be sure to choose Vivid 350 & phone. 

Find out more on the Virgin website.

Plus, if you're looking for a broadband bundle that includes TV there are some more offers available on Virgin's website here.

What's the cheapest broadband?

If you're not so worried about your internet's speed but are more concerned about its price, you might be interested in some of these cheap broadband deals.

Post Office: 11Mbps | unlimited | £15.90 per month

This is the cheapest deal we've seen for unlimited broadband. It includes line rental, and there's no upfront cost. It's a 12 month deal, after which it'll cost £30 per month.

Find out more on Post Office's website.

NOW Broadband: 11Mbps | unlimited | £18 per month

Similarly, NOW Broadband has unlimited broadband with anytime calls for £18 per month, with a £15 setup fee.

Find out more on NowTV's website.

TalkTalk: 11Mbps | unlimited | £19.95 per month

TalkTalk's deal gets you 11Mbps speed at £19.95 per month, including line rental for 12 months.

Find out more on TalkTalk's website.

Vodafone: 63Mbps | unlimited | £20 per month

This is a good price on 63Mbps unlimited Fibre broadband from Vodafone (it currently seems to be priced the same as the 35Mbps so make sure you opt for the faster one!). It averages at 63Mbps, but there's a guarantee that means you can get money off until speed issues are fixed should you face any.

It's for 18 months, with nothing upfront and includes line rental. This is actually a price drop from the usual £23 per month. 

Find out more on Vodafone's website.

What's the best broadband for sport?

If you're interested in keeping up with sports, you might prefer BT broadband packages. You can either choose a broadband package which automatically includes BT Sport or opt to add it onto a plan at half price.

BT: 50Mbps | unlimited | £39.99 per month

This package is part of BT's broadband plans that include BT Sport. This classic package starts at £39.99 per month for 50Mbps, with a £29.99 upfront cost. With that you'll get a recordable TV box and BT Smart Hub, as well as up to 80 channels.

BT: Superfast fibre | unlimited | £64.99 per month | 4K

For more speed and some added perks, the next package up includes up to 143 channels, a BT Smart Hub and all the 4K channels. It's £64.99 for the first 24 months, then £72.99 after that. See all other plans here.

What's the best broadband?

uSwitch has announced its broadband award winners for 2019, as outlined below:

Broadband Provider of the Year: Vodafone

Best Triple Play Provider: NowTV

Fastest Broadband: Virgin Media

TV Provider of the Year: NowTV

Best Value Broadband Provider: Vodafone

Best Privoder Customer Service: Plusnet

Most Popular Broadband Provider: TalkTalk

Quad-play Provider of the Year: Sky