Christmas will no doubt cause all those classic carols and those seasonal hits which get dusted off each winter to spring to mind. Whether you want to listen to those on repeat or your regular music library, we've rounded up the 12 best speakers for Christmas 2013.

The speakers built-in to your TV, laptop, smartphone or tablet are likely to be low-grade and puny so why not grab yourself, or someone else, a speaker system to bring that tune to life or make that movie more immersive.

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We've rounded up all sorts of speakers from soundbars to wireless speakers, ones that will fit in your pocket to traditional stereo setups. Whatever your needs, you'll find something suitable here.

Choosing the right speaker will depend on many things. As with all Christmas presents, price will no doubt be important and our selection starts at just £29 so it's not all break the bank equipment. However, with audio, better sound quality does usually come hand in hand with a hefty price tag.

Speakers are designed to be used with different devices and this group covers smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, laptops, PCs and even TVs.

Some speakers are simply 'plug and play' with one wire but many more features are on offer now. If you want to play music from your devices from across the room look for systems with Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay. There are even systems for multi-room experience and connecting to internet streaming services such as Spotify. Check the product has the right connections and features you require before shelling out.

If size is important then we've got you covered. We've got speakers ranging from the size of a chocolate bar up to the bulk of a decent tree branch, an odd simile we know.

The 12 best speakers to gift for Christmas 2013

1- Sonos Play:1 £169

The Play:1 is the smallest and cheapest Sonos speaker. It's design and excellent sound quality combined with wireless capabilities and wealth of music sources makes it the best buy this Christmas. And you get a free Bridge when you order before the big day.

2. KEF X300A - £599

If you want a high quality pair of stereo speakers for your PC or laptop then look no further than these. KEF has produced a pair of active powered loudspeakers that were built for the best sound at a reasonable budget.

3. Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 - £330

Wireless speakers tend to favour AirPlay or Bluetooth, but the Minx Air 100 caters for both. It has plenty of other tricks such as internet radio as well as sounding great. It's just lacking slightly in the style department.

4. Soundmatters foxL v2 - £169

It might be the size of a Mars Bar but the foxL v2 packs some serious punch when it comes to sound quality. It far more expensive than a chocolate bar but this pint-sized speaker has such a sufficiently advanced sound technology, we'd happily mistake it for magic.

5. Sonos Playbar - £599

If your TV set suffers from poor sound quality then a soundbar is your answer. The Sonos Playbar is the best around in terms of design, build quality and audio superiority. You can control it with a mobile app and use it to play music too.

6. Bowers & Wilkins Z2 - £330

The Z2 provides more style and class than the Minx Air for the same price. You'll have to cope without Bluetooth but the speaker does have an iPhone dock and AirPlay. It's compact and, of course, sounds easily good enough to make our Christmas list.

7. Pure Jongo S3 - £169

Pure's Jongo S3 is an alternative multi-room system to Sonos. At the same price as the Play:1 you get the bonus of a built-in battery so you can take the speaker out in the garden and other places with no power. The firm also has its own music streaming service called Pure Connect.

8. Bose SoundLink Mini - £169

Wrapped in a stylish aluminium shell the SoundLink Mini is a compact Bluetooth speakers for connecting to your smartphone or tablet. The speaker packs some serious punch and a built-in battery means you can take it out and about without needing to plug it in.

9. Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 - £170

Wharfedale has managed to pack the sound of a small floorstander into a standmount speaker with the Diamond 10.1 speakers. Fit and finish are first-class for a budget two-way speaker and you won't have to pay through the nose to bag a pair.

10. Logitech Z553 - £104

With a slightly outlandish design, Logitech's Z553 2.1 speaker system balances decent audio performance with value for money. You can plug in multiple devices at the same time and the control pod lets you adjust volume and the subwoofer individually.

11. Edifier Sound To Go Plus - £29

This stylish and compact speaker is designed to boost the sound of your laptop but an audio input means you can plug other gadgets in. It has a built-in battery, aluminium shell and a surprisingly low price tag.

12. Orbitsound SB60 airSound Base - £299

If the Sonos Playbar is an attractive product but the price is out of your league, Orbitsound has a more affordable option in the SB60 which still offers good sound. Your TV sits on top of this soundbar which has a built-in subwoofer and interchangeable grilles.