Shaving has come a long way in the last few decades, whether it’s throwing more and more blades into razer heads, subscription services for the best shave, or just the steady improvement of electric models.

Electric shavers now extend way beyond just facial hair, and you can get beard trimmers, head trimmers, body hair groomers, and more - and some razors that are even designed to do all of the above.

The down side is that some of them have gotten surprisingly expensive, which means you may be hoping to save money by getting a high-end shaver at a low-end price in a sale. With Cyber Monday here, now’s the time to be looking, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

Best electric shaver deals right now

Best razor offers: What to look for

First up, if you want to find out our recommendations then check out our ranking of the best electric shavers we've reviewed so far to find out our favourites.

The main thing to figure out is what type of razor you’re actually looking for - i.e. what do you want to shave with it?

Anything that’s just billed as an electric shaver or electric razor will probably be good for your face, but even they come in two varieties.

Rotary shavers

These include a few - usually three - rotating razor blades, which sounds a bit like a set-piece from a horror movie, but is actually a good thing.

These are often the best razors for your face, or for a very close head shave, because they’re better suited to the curves of your head, catching hairs at various different angles and keeping a close shave despite contouring as you move the blade round in a circular motion.

They’re better if you don’t manage to shave every day or tend to have longer or coarser facial hair, or if your hair grows in various different directions rather than smoothly.

These are often waterproof now, for use in the shower, and tend to be wireless.

Foil shavers

By contrast, foil shavers like the Braun Series 9 usually have just one, or maybe two, shaving heads with straight oscillating blades hidden underneath a metal grille - the foil.

The basic idea is that the holes in the foil capture your hair, allowing the blades to trim them without any risk of cutting your skin.

A foil shaver should be able to get you a closer shave, with more precision, but it might take you more time to shave your neck and jaw than a rotary razor.

Like with rotaries, look for a waterproof option that you can easily wash or use while showering.

Beard trimmers

Beard trimmers are… well, for shaving a beard. Naturally, that means they tend to be marketed at men.

These are pretty self explanatory, but you’ll want to look out for the number of different length shaving guards, which will determine how much flexibility you have to trim your beard to different lengths - or some, like Braun's BT3022, with a single adjustable shaving guard.

These used to all be wired, but there’s no reason not to buy a wireless one now. Some will be waterproof, but not many - trimming a beard in the bath doesn’t sound like a great idea to us.

Hair trimmers

You can also find some trimmers marketed specifically for head hair, rather than beards.

They are essentially the exact same thing, but head-focused variants are likely to include an even greater variety of lengths of guard, along with extra accessories like scissors, brushes, and combs.

Some head hair trimmers are more powerful, and you can still find some that are mains-powered, but again, there’s really no good reason not to get a wireless one now.

As with the beard trimmer, don’t bother worrying about waterproofing, but do make sure it’ll have enough battery power to last a whole haircut.

Body groomers

These are for trimming hair in… other places. ‘Body groomers’ or ‘bikini trimmers’, as the euphemistic marking dubs them, are basically similar to other trimmers, but with a few tweaks.

For one, they do tend to be waterproof, as the shower is a pretty natural place to trim your body hair. They’ll also tend to have fewer, and shorter, guards as there’s a limit to how long you’ll ever want body hair to be.

Some use a simple direct oscillating blade like beard trimmers, but you probably want to look for one that uses a foil, like face shavers, if you want a close shave anywhere - that way you can shave right to the skin without irritation.

Best electric razor deals

1. Philips OneBlade

From: Amazon

Was: £59.99

Now: £39.99  (£20 off)

This is one of the best and most versatile shavers around (we gave it 5 stars), and this set includes a carry pouch, 4 different length beard trimmers, and a skin guard for body grooming too

2. Braun Series 7

From: Amazon

Was: £279.99

Now: £89.99  (£190 off)

Save almost £200 in this Amazon Deal of the Day on an excellent wet & dry foil shaver

3. Philips Series 3000 Multi-Grooming Kit

From: Amazon

Was: £30

Now: £15  (50% off)

For just £15 get a waterproof and wireless shaving kit with enough attachments to trim your hair, beard, and body, all in one

4. Philips OneBlade Pro

From: Amazon

Was: £74.99

Now: £40  (£35 off)

This high-end Philips shaver doubles as a beard trimmer with 12 different trim lengths, and comes with a charging stand and travel pouch

5. Philips Series 3000

From: Amazon

Was: £110

Now: £35  (£75 off)

It's rare to find a good rotary shaver below £50, so this is well worth grabbing

6. Braun Series 9

From: Amazon

Was: £299.99

Now: £179.99  (£120 off)

This is Braun's top electric razor at a decent price for Black Friday - though it has been lower

7. Philips Series 5000 Beard Trimmer

From: Amazon

Was: £65

Now: £32.50  (50% off)

This Philips beard trimmer is exactly half-price for Black Friday

8. Braun Series 5

From: Amazon

Was: £199.99

Now: £91  (£109 off)

This waterproof Braun foil shaver is currently less than half-price