iPhone 5S price mobile networks

Apple today launched the iPhone 5S. Here we outline the iPhone 5S price in the UK, both from Apple and the contracts available from mobile networks.

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The iPhone 5S is the latest top-of-the-range handset from Apple, which has replaced the iPhone 5 with two new phones: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5S is the first 64-bit phone, offering other high-end features such as a fingerprint identity sensor, a 15 percent larger camera sensor, and ultra-fast wireless.

The iPhone 5S comes in three different colours, and ranges in capacity from 16GB to 64GB, with a 32GB model inbetween. Here we look at the iPhone 5S price in the UK. (See also: iPhone 5C vs iPhone 5S comparison review: what's the difference between iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S?)

iPhone 5S price in the UK: Apple

Facts first: the 16GB iPhone 5S will cost £549 inc VAT in the UK. The 32GB flavour will set you back £629 inc VAT, and the 64GB model a whopping £709 inc VAT. How does that compare to the iPhone 5 it replaces?

Well for similar capacity models the iPhone 5 cost 16GB = £529, 32GB = £599, and 64GB £699. So, oddly, Apple has added £20 to the basic model, £30 to the middle-of-the-road package, and just a tenner to the top ranked iPhone 5S.

Now, just for fun, read what we thought the iPhone 5S would cost before tonight. And in my defence, I had to go last after everyone had chosen a price (and I am an optimist...)

iPhone 5S price in the UK: Mobile networks

iPhone 5S price on Three

The iPhone 5S wasn't put up for pre-order but we've got full pricing now and Three is offering the phone from £37 per month with unlimited 3G data. There's an upfront cost of £99 for the handset.


Ultimate 500

The One Plan

Voice (minutes)






Data (MB)



iPhone 5s 16GB 

£99 upfront + £37/mo for 24 months

£99 upfront + £41/mo for 24 months

iPhone 5s 32GB 

£99 upfront + £42/mo for 24 months

£99 upfront + £46/mo for 24 months

iPhone 5s 64GB 

£99 upfront + £47/mo for 24 months

£99 upfront + £51/mo for 24 months


iPhone 5S price on Vodafone

Three's pricing and plans might look good with unlimited data but its 4G network doesn't launch until December. Vodafone has its 4G network up and running and plans for the iPhone 5S start at £47 per month with a £79 up front cost and six month of free Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile.


Vodafone Red 4G-ready

Vodafone Red 4G-ready L

Vodafone Red 4G-ready XL

Monthly line rental




Data (until end October)












Sky Sports or Spotify Premium

6 months

24 months

24 months

iPhone 5s 16GB




iPhone 5s 32GB




iPhone 5s 64GB




iPhone 5S price on O2

The iPhone 5S costs from £47 per month with 4G data on O2 Refresh (£22 for airtime and £25 for the phone). That option means there's no upfront cost for the smartphone but 4G connectivity won't come until Apple sends out an update.

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iPhone 5S price on EE

EE is offering the iPhone 5S from just £26 per month. Sounds great but you'll only get 500MB of data and you'll have to pay an upfront cost of £259 for the device. The cheapest fee for the 5S is £20, on a £51 monthly deal that offers 20GB of data.

iPhone 5S price on Carphone Warehouse

You can get the iPhone 5S from Carphone Warehouse for free from £42 per month across all the networks. That's £10 more than the firm's iPhone 5C contract prices.

iPhone 5S price on Phones 4U

The other place you can buy the iPhone 5S and choose your network is Phones 4U where you can get Apple's new phone for free if you sign up to a £51 per month contract - that's the EE deal mentioned above.

iPhone 5S price: PCA predictions (before announcement)

Matt Egan – Editor-In-Chief

I expect the iPhone 5S to cost the same as does the iPhone 5 now - that's what Apple has done before, and we know that components go down in price over time, so any improved specifications are unlikely to impact the profit margin. That's the safe, each-way bet.

See also: iPhone 5C price in UK.

But if I was taking a punt I have a sneaking suspicion Apple might be about to shock us with a cheaper iPhone. Why? The iPhone has been on top for so long that Apple will have to do something outstanding to recapture the imagination, and there's not much more you can do to improve a great device. Plus we're four years into a 10-year depression in which wages have stagnated, and even the best Androids have started to slip below £500. More iPhone users means more money spent in the iTunes store, and the only smartphone users who haven't already considered the iPhone are the young and the less well off. So it's possible, just possible, that we might see an entry-level 16GB model that undercuts the current £529 16GB model. Maybe even as low as £450.

Price: £529 but maybe £450

Jim Martin - Editor

Apple historically keeps prices the same so you feel you’re getting more for your money compared to the previous model (and you are, since, in real terms it’s actually a price drop). So, assuming the iPhone 5S is available with a 16GB capacity and Apple doesn’t change the minimum to 32GB, it will cost £529 in the UK.

Price: £529

Andrew Harrison – Reviews Editor

For the forthcoming iPhone 2013, rumours are suggesting two distinct new models to launch together, the first time Apple's tried this with its smartphone. In which case, Apple is likely to move the price of the premium model up slightly; for a few generations, the latest entry-level iPhone launched at £499 SIM-free. This rose to £529 in the UK for the last iPhone 5. The new iPhone may be dearer again, perhaps £599 or even £629, reflecting the additional cost of potential innovations like biometric authentication or sapphire glass screens. The iPhone 5C will be available at a lower, but far from cheap, price for those who may baulk at paying a class-leading price for what is still likely to become again the world's favourite smartphone.

Price: £599

David Court – Online Editor

I've got a sneaky suspicion that Apple will squeeze a few extra pounds/dollars out of its customers for the iPhone 5S, and that's mainly because I believe that Apple will update bits of the hardware (screen ppi, camera, RAM, etc) so it's at least as good on paper as its high-end Android rivals. The iPhone rumour circuit doesn't suggest any other major iPhone updates such as having a bendy screen or the ability to turn into a hoverboard just yet (I'm convinced it will soon though). I don't think it will go up by much at all, and considering that majority of people buy their iPhones via a pay monthly contract I also don't think people will care either. £549 is my bet for this office sweepstake.

Price: £549

Marie Brewis – Group Managing Editor

Apple's got a lot of work to do to take on the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z with its next iPhone, the 5S. With its Android competitors all now available online for less than £450, its traditional pricing structure of £529 for the 16GB iPhone, £599 for the 32GB iPhone and £699 for the 64GB iPhone just won't wash. Of course, if the 'cheap' iPhone 5C is also confirmed in September, it won't need to. I suspect Apple will target a £399 16GB iPhone 5C at the Android market, hoping to turn the odd few who favour Android only for its lower price tag, and a £599 16GB iPhone 5S at its loyal fanbase. The 32- and 64GB iPhone 5S could rocket to as much as £699 and £799.

Price: £599.

Chris Martin – Senior Staff Writer

I'm convinced that the iPhone 5S will be joined by a plastic cheaper version named the iPhone 5C. Although budget for an iPhone, it is likely to match the price of a decent mid-range Android or Windows Phone rival. So, I think Apple will increase the price of the iPhone 5S to create a nice gap between the two but no so much as to put punters off the flagship model. This would mean those always upgrading to the latest model won't feel ripped off and those who have always wanted an iPhone but not been able to afford one will have the option of the 5C.

Price: £549.

Simon Jary – Publishing Director

Apple doesn't often surprise on its product pricing, and so the above predictions are probably on the money. I think Apple will dump the 16GB model for the top-end iPhone 5S, leaving that capacity for the new entry-level iPhone 5 – much as it did when it launched the new budget iPod touch at the end of May. The new iPhone 5S will be availble in 32GB and 64GB capacities and maybe even 128GB – a smartphone storage size already trumpted by arch-rival Samsung; see Samsung's 128GB smartphone. 16GB iPhone 5: £449. 32GB iPhone 5S: £529. 64GB iPhone 5S: £599. 128GB iPhone 5S: £699.

Price: starting at £529.

Do you agree? How much do you think the iPhone 5S will or should cost? Let us know below.

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