Nicol Natale

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Nicol Natale is an editorial intern at IDG UK. A former student-athlete, Nicol recently graduated from Fordham University, New York, with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Marketing.

Nicol finds joy in playing football (the British kind), travelling, and spending time with friends and family.

Articles by Nicol Natale

  • Huawei Band 2 Pro Review

    huawei band 2 pro review00

    Should you invest in the affordable Huawei Band 2 Pro or opt for one of the more expensive brands?

    21 Nov 2018

  • House of Cards season 6 release date, cast, trailers & news

    house of cards robin wright

    Season 6 of House of Cards is its last - here’s our round-up of where and how to watch the popular Netflix original

    02 Nov 2018

  • The best iPhone X cases for 2018

    best iphone x cases

    With prices starting at £999, be sure to protect your iPhone X from the start with the best available cases.

    23 Jul 2018

  • Amazon Echo vs Echo 2 comparison

    echo vs echo 2

    With the original Amazon Echo only available refurbished, see if you should upgrade to the Echo 2

    16 Jul 2018

  • Google Clips Release Date, UK Price & Specifications

    google clips

    Google Clips is a smart camera with learning capabilities to capture pictures and videos of genuine experiences

    29 Jan 2018

  • What are Amazon Echo Buttons?

    amazon echo buttons

    If you have an Amazon Echo, this new Alexa gadget lets you play some cool games

    19 Dec 2017

  • How to make a Facebook poll

    Mobile lifestyle 61

    Facebook now allows users to make polls decorated with GIFs and photos

    08 Nov 2017

  • How to avoid the Netflix email scam


    Avoid this email scam threatening to suspend your Netflix account

    08 Nov 2017

  • Best tech gifts under £10


    Need a last minute, inexpensive Christmas gift? See our round-up of the perfect tech stocking-stuffers for less than £10.

    07 Nov 2017

  • Is Facebook listening to me?


    Smartphone users are concerned that Facebook is listening to their conversations to target personalized adverts at them

    06 Nov 2017

  • Best smartwatches for women


    Looking for a less bulky, more stylish smartwatch? Here’s our round-up of the most fashion-forward smartwatches on the market

    31 Oct 2017

  • The best alternatives to Uber

    screenshot 2015 11 25 17 06 10

    If TfL succeeds in removing Uber's London licence, you'll be looking for a new way to get around Town

    16 Oct 2017

  • Does the iPhone 8 have a battery problem?

    iphone 8 plus29

    Yet more iPhone owners have reported iPhone 8 battery malfunctions, sparking an investigation by Apple.

    11 Oct 2017

  • How to use Spotify Time Capsule

    android music 0117

    Time Capsule allows listeners to travel back to their teenage years with a personalized throwback playlist.

    10 Oct 2017

  • Google Pixel Buds News: Release Date, UK Price, New Features and Specs

    google pixel buds review 07

    With Google Assistant, Google’s new Pixel Buds are more than the average wireless headphone

    05 Oct 2017

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