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Tech Advisor contributor Martyn has been involved with tech ever since the arrival of his ZX Spectrum back in the early 80s. He covers iOS, Android, Windows and macOS, writing tutorials, buying guides and reviews.

Articles by Martyn Casserly

  • How to get a cheap flight online

    how to get a cheap flight online

    Make sure your iPhone or Android device isn't making your plane tickets more expensive

    10 Oct 2017

  • How to convert Word to PDF

    convert word to pdf main

    Create PDF files out of Word documents, using Microsoft Office or Google Docs

    10 Oct 2017

  • How to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint

    how to embed a youtube video in powerpoint

    We explain how you can include YouTube videos in your PowerPoint projects

    10 Oct 2017

  • What is HTML 5?

    what is html 5 main

    The future of the internet has already arrived, and you're probably using it right now

    04 Oct 2017

  • Apple TV 4K v Roku 3

    apple tv v roku 3 main

    Apple updates its set-top box to 4K. We see if it's enough to overtake the much cheaper Roku 3

    22 Sep 2017

  • Chromecast Ultra vs Apple TV comparison review

    chromecast ultra v apple tv 1

    Google has released a new 4K Chromecast. We see how it compares to the Apple TV

    22 Sep 2017

  • LG V30 v Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    lgv30 v samsung note 8 main

    Which is the best Android phablet? We help you decide.

    15 Sep 2017

  • How to keep a laptop cool

    dell latitude 14 review29

    Is your PC burning a hole in your lap? We show you how to keep things cool

    12 Sep 2017

  • What is Mixed Reality?

    what is mixed reality demo

    Microsoft is about to change reality, and the results are mixed

    11 Sep 2017

  • Best TV guide apps for Freeview

    best tv guide apps main

    Know when your favourite shows are on, record them, and even watch live with these TV Guide apps

    04 Sep 2017

  • How to use Cortana on Android

    how to use cortana on android thumb

    Get the most out of Microsoft's voice assistant on your Android phone

    31 Aug 2017

  • WhatsApp vs Instagram vs Facebook Messenger vs Snapchat

    whatsapp v instagram v facebook messenger v snapchat main

    Which messaging app has the most to offer? We compare the four big hitters

    29 Aug 2017

  • How to get degrees symbol on keyboard

    how to get degree symbol on keyboard word3

    Use keyboard shortcuts or Microsoft Word to insert a degree symbol into your document

    23 Aug 2017

  • How to find out which Android phone you have

    Mobile lifestyle 35

    What to do when you need to discover what model of Android phone you have

    22 Aug 2017

  • Best free text-to-speech software

    dell latitude 12 review09

    Hear documents, emails and webpages read aloud by using a free text-to-speech program on your PC

    21 Aug 2017

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