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Tech Advisor contributor Martyn has been involved with tech ever since the arrival of his ZX Spectrum back in the early 80s. He covers iOS, Android, Windows and macOS, writing tutorials, buying guides and reviews.

Articles by Martyn Casserly

  • How to extend MacBook battery life

    how to extend macbook battery life main

    Work for longer between charges by using these tips for your MacBook battery

    08 Apr 2020

  • Best task management apps 2020

    best task management apps monday

    Organise yourself with these great task manager apps for your phone and PC

    08 Apr 2020

  • How to get a Top Fan badge on Facebook

    how to get a top fan badge on facebook 11top fan

    What you need to know about acquiring and awarding the new Facebook badges

    08 Apr 2020

  • Best online learning services 2020

    best online learning services khan

    Study online with these top five learning services

    08 Apr 2020

  • Surface Laptop 4 release date, price and new features

    surface laptop 4 release date price and new features main3

    We look ahead to Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 and see what it has in store

    07 Apr 2020

  • What is an 8K TV?

    what is an 8k tv sasmung8k2

    8K TVs are now a reality, but do they offer enough to tempt you away from their cheaper 4K equivalents?

    06 Apr 2020

  • Windows 10 Home vs Pro vs S

    windows 10 home vs windows 10 pro main

    All three versions of Windows 10 have their merits, but which should you go with?

    01 Apr 2020

  • How to tell which is my Wi-Fi network

    how to tell which is my wifi network main

    Simple steps to work out which is your home Wi-Fi network and how to log in

    01 Apr 2020

  • iMac 2020 rumours

    imac 2020 imacduo

    Apple's iMac range is due an update. Here's what we think you'll see in 2020

    31 Mar 2020

  • Office chairs to improve your remote working setup

    office chairs to improve your remote working setup herman miller1

    Add a bit of comfort while working at home with these five office chairs.

    30 Mar 2020

  • Best online video conferencing services

    best online video conferencing services zoom

    While working from home, here's how to continue team meetings

    27 Mar 2020

  • Disney Plus vs Netflix

    disney plus vs netflix main

    We compare the all-conquering Netflix with the new Disney+ streaming service

    24 Mar 2020

  • How to take a screenshot on a Mac

    how to take a screenshot on a mac main

    macOS has built-in tools to capture what's on your screen. Here's how to use them

    24 Mar 2020

  • How to play DVDs in Windows 10

    how to watch dvds in windows 10

    Microsoft removed the native functionality in Windows 10, so you'll have to use a third party

    23 Mar 2020

  • Best shows on Apple TV+

    best apple tv shows main1

    From haunted bookshops to canine astronauts, here's our pick of the shows on Apple TV+

    23 Mar 2020

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