Martyn Casserly

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Martyn Casserly is a freelance journalist who writes regularly for Tech Advisor and Macworld. He's also written for Wired, Stuff, Web User, GamesTM, Retro Gamer, along with many non-tech publications.

When not hunched over a laptop in a manner that would make an osteopath weep, he dabbles in creating music, podcasts and children.

He can be found hosting a weekly retro-movie podcast at

Articles by Martyn Casserly

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    Do Cheap Windows Keys Work?

    Are cheap versions of Windows authentic? We take a look at OEM versions, and whether you can legally buy a cheap copy of Windows

    15 Nov 2018

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    How to Cancel BT Broadband

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    The best student deals of Black Friday 2018

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    MacBook Air 2018 vs Surface Laptop 2 review

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    Cubot X18 Plus review

    It might be 'affordable' but this budget phone has better cameras than we expected

    07 Nov 2018

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    Oukitel Mix 2 smartphone review

    A chunky Chinese Android phone that has some issues

    06 Nov 2018

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    iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8

    Find out which of Apple's cheapest smartphones is right for you

    05 Nov 2018

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    Umidigi A1 Pro smartphone review

    A new compact, budget phone from Umidigi with Android 8.1

    05 Nov 2018

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    How to change an Instagram username

    Give yourself a new identity by changing your Instagram username

    31 Oct 2018

  • how to back up data for free

    How To Back Up Data For Free

    Backing up important data can be a quick, simple and free process

    31 Oct 2018

  • laptop vs tablet main

    Laptop vs Tablet

    Which is the right device for you, laptop or tablet? Our expert advice will help you choose.

    30 Oct 2018

  • how to print in windows 10 epson printer

    How to print in Windows 10

    Everything you need to know about printing in Windows 10

    30 Oct 2018

  • network Wifi 2 800

    How to get all the bandwidth on a shared internet connection

    Avoid buffering movies and stuttering online gaming with these tips for getting a better internet connection.

    29 Oct 2018

  • fix windows 10 start menu not working 1600

    How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

    The Start menu and Cortana can stop working in Windows. We show you how to fix it

    26 Oct 2018

  • windows 10 1600 3

    How to Remove Windows 10 Startup Programs

    Does your computer take a long time to load? Too many programs launching at once could be your problem

    24 Oct 2018

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