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Lewis Painter is Games Editor at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK. Lewis has always had an interest in technology, and started writing about his favourite gadgets and phone accessories four years ago. He has a particular interest in the Internet of Things and 'smart' accessories.

Articles by Lewis Painter

  • best ps4 games 2019

    The best PS4 games of 2019

    We review the best games that you can play on the PS4 in 2019

    22 Feb 2019

  • hololens 2 release date specs features

    HoloLens 2 release date, features and specs news

    We investigate the next HoloLens headset, which is rumoured to make its debut this weekend

    22 Feb 2019

  • moto g7 play review0

    Moto G7 Play review

    The Moto G7 Play isn't perfect, but it's a contender for the title of best budget smartphone

    22 Feb 2019

  • far cry new dawn news 3

    Far Cry New Dawn review

    We've fought our way through the post-apocalyptic Far Cry New Dawn, and here's what we think

    20 Feb 2019

  • best gaming phone

    Razer Phone 3 release date, price & spec rumours

    Here's all you need to know about the third-generation Razer Phone, from release date to pricing and spec rumours

    20 Feb 2019

  • project stream

    What is Project Stream?

    Here's all you need to know about Google's Project Stream, the latest game-streaming client

    20 Feb 2019

  • how to track tombs of the legionnaires trials

    How to track Tombs of the Legionnaires Challenges in Anthem

    You don't need to go to each tomb to check the progress of each Tombs of the Legionnaires challenge

    19 Feb 2019

  • how to clean javelin in anthem

    How to clean your Javelin in Anthem

    Get your Javelin looking squeaky clean

    19 Feb 2019

  • ps4 pro and vr review08

    Best co-op PS4 games of 2019

    These are the best couch co-op games you can play on the PS4 with a buddy

    19 Feb 2019

  • best javelin in anthem

    Best Javelin in Anthem: Which should I choose?

    Are you more of an Interceptor, Storm, Colossus or Ranger? We'll help you figure out which Javelin is best

    18 Feb 2019

  • ps4 pro and vr review08

    PlayStation 5 (PS5) release date, price, features & spec rumours

    Sony's next console isn't due out for a few years, but that hasn't stopped us from speculating about what it might feature

    15 Feb 2019

  • best first person shooters

    Best first-person shooter games of 2019

    There may be many to choose from, but here are the best FPS games available to play right now

    15 Feb 2019

  • crackdown 3 release date rumours

    Crackdown 3 release date, platforms, gameplay & trailer news

    Crackdown 3 is one of the most exciting games on the horizon, showcasing amazing technical advancements. Here's all we know.

    14 Feb 2019

  • crackdown 3 review

    Crackdown 3 review

    Almost five years after the reveal, Crackdown 3 is ready for release. We've had a chance to play the game, and we're not impressed

    14 Feb 2019

  • metro exodus final preview online 5

    Metro Exodus review

    Metro Exodus is easily the best in the series to date, taking Artyom and the Spartans on a dangerous cross-country mission

    13 Feb 2019

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