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Meet the people behind Tech Advisor. Our team of dedicated staff and contributors strives to bring you up-to-the-minute news, reviews, step-by-step tutorials and buying advice regarding Apple's Macs, iPads, iPhones and other devices.

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  • Martyn Casserly

    Martyn Casserly

    Martyn Casserly is a freelance journalist who writes regularly for Tech Advisor and Macworld. He's also written for Wired, Stuff, Web User, GamesTM, Retro Gamer, along with many non-tech publications. When not hunched over a laptop in a manner that would make an osteopath weep, he dabbles in creating music, podcasts and children. He can be found hosting a weekly retro-movie podcast at

  • Ashleigh Macro

    Ashleigh Macro

    Ashleigh is Ecommerce Editor at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK. She keeps readers up to date with the latest news, reviews, features and tutorials. She particularly enjoys spreading the gossip about upcoming Apple products and pondering over leaked parts. When she isn’t busy typing about tech, Ashleigh can be found with her head buried in a novel.

  • Lewis Painter

    Lewis Painter

    Lewis Painter is a Senior Staff Writer at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK. Lewis has always had an interest in technology, and has been writing about his favourite gadgets and phone accessories for over five years. Lewis dabbles in the world of tech, reviewing smartphones, audio accessories and other interesting gadgets.

  • Henry Burrell

    Henry Burrell

    Henry is Consumer Tech Editor for Tech Advisor and Macworld UK with a BA in American Studies and a few years under his belt honing his digital know-how via tech PR. He diplomatically splits his devices between Apple and Android and writes product reviews and features, meddling with the latest phones, accessories and smartwatches. A keen guitarist and sports watcher, he spends chunks of the week trying to convince his colleagues to take an interest in football.

  • Rob Woodcock

    Rob Woodcock

    Rob Woodcock is Production Editor at IDG UK, looking after our print and digital editions of PC Advisor, Tech Advisor, Macworld, iPad & iPhone User and Android Advisor.

  • Dominic Preston

    Dominic Preston

    Dominic is Entertainment & Lifestyle Editor for Tech Advisor, Macworld and Digital Arts, covering smart home and streaming services along with phones, laptops, wearables, audio, and gaming - plus he's a regular fixture on the Tech Advisor YouTube channel.

  • Mark Pickavance

    Mark Pickavance

    Over a varied career, Mark’s been a firearms trainer, commercial animator, software engineer and even an IT manager. And, since 1986 he’s also been a freelance writer on all things technological for the likes of MicroMart, PC Format, 3D World and many other publications. He’s recently made the transition from print to online writing and covers just about any technology that’s available to buy, and even a few that aren’t.

  • Somrata Sarkar

    Somrata Sarkar

    Somrata is Staff Writer at Tech Advisor. She hails from Toronto, Canada, where she studied Professional Writing, Visual Culture and Communications before spending some time freelancing as a writer and designer before deciding to move to London in 2017. When she's not writing about tech deals, gadgets, or accessories, she likes to think about new and emerging technologies, well-planned visual design, the future of AI — or how to get away with singing loudly without annoying those around her.

  • Dominik Tomaszewski

    Dominik Tomaszewski

    Dominik Tomaszewski is Multimedia Editor at Tech Advisor, Macworld UK and Digital Arts, responsible for all original photography and video content on our websites and the Tech Advisor YouTube channel. Rarely found without a camera in his hands, Dominik ensures that when informing consumers we are able to show as well as tell.

  • Hannah Cowton

    Hannah Cowton

    Hannah Cowton is a Staff Writer at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK, working across entertainment, consumer technology and lifestyle. Her interests and specialities lie in streaming services, film and television reviews and rumours, gaming, wearables and smart home products. She’s also the creator of The London Geek, a geek culture and lifestyle blog.

  • Alex Walker-Todd

    Alex Walker-Todd

    Alex Walker-Todd is Consumer Tech Editor at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK. With over eight years under his belt, covering every smartphone, tablet and wearable worth shouting about, Alex lives and breathes tech. Alex’s background also includes plenty of video work; you’ll no doubt spot his bearded visage popping up on Tech Advisor’s YouTube channel from time to time.

  • Anyron Copeman

    Anyron Copeman

    Anyron is a Staff Writer at Tech Advisor and Macworld UK. A journalism graduate, he has taken a keen interest in technology ever since he got his first iPad aged 13. Nowadays, he can be seen reviewing the latest gadgets or updating a chart or 20. Anyron tends to spend most of his free time getting unnecessarily frustrated watching football.

  • Emma Rowley

    Emma Rowley

    Emma is White Goods & Appliances Editor at Tech Advisor. She writes about home tech: everything from coffee machines to washing machines to fridge freezers. She’s particularly interested in brands that consider the environmental impact of their products, as well as appliances that save people time and money and make their lives a bit better.

  • Matt Egan

    Matt Egan

    Matt Egan is Editorial Director of IDG, publisher of Tech Advisor, having worked for the UK's best-read technology publication since 2003. IDG is the world's largest technology media, events and data company. A passionate technology fan who writes on subjects as diverse as smartphones, internet security, social media and Windows, in his spare time Matt enjoys playing football (badly) and singing in a band (also badly).

  • Simon Jary

    Simon Jary

    Simon Jary writes about wearable fitness devices, home networking, USB-C and mobile accessories, batteries and charging, educational apps, family tree and DNA services, plus energy-saving gear and tips.

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