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Audio updated 9:22pm, 20 February 2019

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Latest Audio How To updated 9:20pm, 20 February 2019

  • apple airpods review02

    How to use AirPods with Android

    Despite Apple's frosty relationship with other manufacturers, you can use AirPods with Android devices - here's how

    05 Feb 2019

  • connect blueooth headphones to pc

    How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC

    Quickly get your wireless headphones paired with Windows 10

    31 Jan 2019

  • how to rip cds to flac main

    How to rip CDs to FLAC

    We explain step by step how to copy CDs to your PC without losing audio quality

    11 Jan 2019

  • google home review6

    How to set up Google Home

    Step-by-step instructions on how to get Google Home up and running from out of the box

    19 Nov 2018

  • google home review7

    Google Home Group: How to Set Up Multiroom Audio

    Pair multiple Google Home devices to blast out music around your home

    19 Nov 2018

  • google home hub 1

    How to Set Up Parental Controls on Google Home

    Introducing Digital Wellbeing, with content filters for music and video and a Downtime schedule

    15 Nov 2018

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Latest Audio Group Tests updated 11:21am, 20 February 2019

  • best wireless headphones

    Best Wireless Headphones 2019

    Wired sound quality can't be beaten but wireless headphones have plenty of benefits

    12 Feb 2019

  • best sonos speakers 2018

    Best Sonos speakers 2019

    Our complete buying guide to Sonos wireless multi-room speakers

    31 Jan 2019

  • best google home

    Best Google Home 2019

    Which Google Home is right for your home?

    30 Jan 2019

  • best budget headphones

    Best Cheap Headphones 2019

    You don't need to spend a fortune on a pair of headphones to get good sound quality

    21 Jan 2019

  • best smart speakers 2018

    Best smart speakers 2019

    Smart speakers are all the rage and here are the best ones you can buy

    02 Jan 2019

  • best soundbars 2018

    The best soundbars 2019

    If your TV's sound as thin as the screen itself then you need a soundbar

    02 Jan 2019

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