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With a video stream we brought you full live coverage from the LG G4 launch event in London and New York, combined with our live blog including LG G4 release date, price, specs and new features.

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LG G4 launch event live blog | LG G4 launch video stream

This is Cnet's livestream from the US LG G4 launch event.

Live Blog LG G4 launch live blog

The LG G4 smartphoneis launched today (28 April) at various events being held around the world and  we brought you the arrival of the new flagship phone for 2015 as it happened. Watch again the latest news on the LG G4 release date, price, specs and more with our LG G4 launch and live blog. See also: LG G4 UK release date, price and specs rumours.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 now on the market (and the iPhone 6), we were excited to see what LG had to bring to the table after impressing us with both the LG G2 and LG G3 which reached the top of our best smartphones chart. It's going to be one of the big contenders this year but it's a tough battle as usual.

After the break find out what to expect from the LG G4 launch event. See how to get an LG G4 before launch.

LG G4 launch: What we expected before the event

Although we'll be bringing you live coverage of the LG G4 launch event with the above live blog, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the firm. Read: 5 things we want from the LG G4 and Best new phones coming in 2015.

LG has announced selected little bits of information about the phone and as per usual, a lot had been leaked about the G4 online. We'll start with the facts from LG.

f/1.8 camera

In a teaser video, and various images, LG has told us about the camera inside the G4. For starters it has made a big deal about it having an aperture of f/1.8 – that's a whole 0.1 lower than the Galaxy S6 and should mean it can capture good photos in low light.

Not only that, it will supposedly offer excellent colour accuracy and full manual controls for advanced shooting. The Manual mode will allow you to adjust small but important details such as ISO, white balance and shutter speed (up to 30 seconds long).

LG is so happy with the LG G4's camera it has teamed up with photographer, Colby Brown, to make the below video showing off what it's capable of. Check it out and scroll down to see some sample photos from the G4.

LG G4 camera test photo

LG G4 camera test photo manual mode

UX 4.0

The LG G4 will also come with UX 4.0 software, almost certainly to go on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop. LG says it's human-centric, easier to use, simpler and lighter with only the essentials. It still features existing elements like Smart Bulletin, Smart Notice and will have updated Calendar and Gallery apps.

A new feature is called Quick Shot and is an evolution of long pressing a volume key on the G3 to launch the camera. On the LG G4, double tapping with launch the app and take a photo. Gesture Interval Shot is similar to the G3's feature but takes a series of four selfies for you to choose from rather than just one. Watch the video below to see Ringtone ID and Quick Memo+, too.

Quad HD Quantum Display

LG has also confirmed that the LG G4 will use a 5.5in Quad HD (1440 x 2560) display which matches the LG G3. However, the new IPS Quantum Display will allegedly be better in various ways: thinner, brighter, improved colour gamut, contrast ratio and energy efficient.

LG G4 Quantum Display Quad HD 5.5in

Leather case

One other key thing has been essentially confirmed by LG ahead of the G4 launch is that the phone will come with a leather rear cover complete with stitching. This is despite a long period of rumours suggesting a full metal design (the LG G3 uses a metallic skin on the plastic cover).

LG has only published images of a brown case but leaked images show various colours and three others which do not use leather but what looks like plastic instead.

LG G4 leather cases plastic cases

Leaked specs

So LG has been quite open about a number of aspects but don't worry because there is more. Almost every smartphone launched gets leaked on the internet to some extent and the LG G4 is no exception. In fact, an LG micro-site which was accidentally (potentially a deliberate mistake) has allowed us to learn all sorts of things about the G4 before the launch event.

LG G4 dimensions

If the details are correct then the LG G4 will be 8.9 mm thick which is identical to its predecessor. We'd like it to be shorter and not as wide but it will be the opposite at 75.3 x 149.1mm. We can also see that the rear cover will be removable, hiding the 3000mAh removable battery and a microSD card slot. This is good and retains feature from the G3 – expandable storage is something which is becoming rarer for flagships devices with Samsung dropping it for the Galaxy S6.

LG G4 battery and microSD

The leaked images match things which LG has announced such as the Quad HD screen and the camera's manual mode but we're not sure about the processor, RAM or internal storage. 3 GB and at least 16 GB seem likely but the chip is up in the air.

LG G4 screen

We were expecting most flagships for 2015 to be using the Snapdragon 810 from Qualcomm since it's the flagship architecture for this year. However, there seem to have been some problems with it and we're not confident LG will go for it inside the G4 – despite the G Flex 2 using it. It could go for the Snapdragon 808 or even the 615 but the rumour mill points towards LG's own Nuclun octa-core processor which has LTE-A Cat 6 built-in.

Our money is on the Snapdragon 808 and Evan Blass (formerly @evleaks) says this is correct on Mashable, also confirming 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.

There's been no word on any other models such as a curved version to rival the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or a G4 mini but don't rule them out completely. Some phones don't get leaked in advance so there could be a surprise or two.

Whatever LG announces today about the G4 phone, we'll be there to bring you is all as it happens with our live blog. Join us as we build up to a 4pm UK start time and stay tuned for an LG G4 hands-on review as soon as we can publish it. Let us know what you want from the LG G4 or what you think once LG has unveiled it in the comments section below.