If you've just bought a Nexus 6 you'll know Google has gone for the premium end of the market with its latest Android smartphone. Costing from £499 SIM-free, you're not going to want to damage your Nexus 6 but, sooner or later, this super-sized Moto X is going to fall out your hand. This chunky phablet is going to smash. That aluminium case is going to scratch, and it's going to look nasty. Protect your phone with one of these Nexus 6 cases - we've rounded up six of the best. Also see our Nexus 6 review and check out the best places in the UK to buy the Nexus 6. 

6 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Cover-Up WoodBack Snap Case 

6 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Cover-Up WoodBack Snap Case

If you want something to truly make your Nexus 6 stand out, look no further than these hand-made wooden cases from South Wales-based Cover-Up. There is a range of designs, with prices starting at £16.95 at Cover-Up's online shop. We like this WoodBack Carpathian Elm Burl Snap Case, which at £19.95 offers a blend of tough polycarbonate and sustainably sourced real wood, protecting your Nexus 6 from any tumbles. Strong but lightweight, the WoodBack cases are a great choice for protecting your phone in daily use.

6 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Encase FlexiShield 

At a tiny £5.99, this Encase FlexiShield is cheap enough to convince even those who swear blind they won't drop their Nexus 6 to buy a case. We've seen the Encase in both Smoke Black and Blue, but the FlexiShield also comes in Purple and Frost White. All look good, and all are available from MobileFun. 

Despite the shiny surface, these gel cases are non-slip and super-tough. The Nexus 6 isn't as grippy as the Nexus 5, and with its added weight and size you'll welcome the extra support. The case's translucent surface reveals the Nexus logo, while cutouts are provided for the Nexus 6's camera, Motorola badge and ports and connectors - you'll never need to take it off. Also see: Best smartphones 2014/2015. 

5 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Encase FlexiShield

The Encase FlexiShield adds no bulk to the Nexus 6 (which is a good thing, since it's already huge), but its slightly raised bezel adds to the protection offered to the screen by the phone's front-facing speakers, preventing it from coming into contact with any flat surfaces. Just don't drop it on a rock. 

6 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Spigen Neo Hybrid 

5 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen's Neo Hybrid Nexus 6 case was supplied to us in Gun Metal by MobileFun; it also comes in Satin Silver, Dante Red and Gold. More costly than the Encase FlexiShield at £19.99, the Spigen offers a two-piece design that more closely resembles the Nexus 6's own chassis, with a TPU rear and an interchangeable rigid polycarbonate gun metal frame. 

So, if you're one of those people who always says you bought the phone because you liked the look of it, and you don't want to hide it in a case, you should definitely check out Spigen's Neo Hybrid. That said, while like the Encase you get cutouts for the Nexus' camera and Motorola badge, that Nexus logo won't show through here. 

Inside the Spigen reveals what looks like a spider's web. In fact, this durable case offers shock protection. There's also UV protection, which means its colour won't fade over time. Also see: Best Android phones 2014/2015. 

6 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Case-Mate Stand Folio 

5 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Case-Mate Stand Folio

One of the more expensive options is the Case-Mate Stand Folio (£24.99, MobileFun). It will appeal to those who wish to protect their Nexus 6 front and back, as well as those who want to enjoy video on its huge 5.96in Quad HD screen. 

The Case-Mate Stand Folio isn't as bulky as you might expect for a smartphone case that doubles as a stand, although in comparison to the Encase FlexiShield and Spigen Neo Hybrid above it is very rigid (yet easy to snap into place). Plus it almost entirely conceals the Nexus 6's design, with holes cut into the front for its speakers, and at the rear for the camera and mic. Gaps top and bottom let you plug in your headphones or charge up the phone, while power and volume buttons at the side line up with those of the Nexus 6, ensuring they are still easily operational through the case. 

Open the Case-Mate Stand Folio and you'll find a soft micro-fibre interior with two handy slots for credit cards. You can fold over this flap to prop up the Nexus 6 in a comfortable position for watching movies, too. Another cool feature is its ability to wake up the display or send to sleep the Nexus 6 as you open and shut the case. 

6 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Encase Genuine Leather Nexus 6 Wallet Case 

5 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Encase Genuine Leather Nexus 6 Wallet Case

If you're loving the front cover of the Case-Mate Stand Folio, save yourself a fiver and check out the Encase Genuine Leather Nexus 6 Wallet Case (£19.99, MobileFun). Sure, you won't get the sleep/wake functionality, nor the Case-Mate's stand, but if you're going to hide away the Nexus 6's design then we must say we prefer this case's design, with its high-quality stitching and magnetic clasp. 

You know the score with these leather cases: flip it open and you'll find three slots for your credit cards, plus a strong plastic frame to hold on tight to your phone. But you might not also be expecting to find a larger document pocket, which MobileFun claims will enable you to leave your old wallet at home. Bonus points there for the Encase then. 

6 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Rearthe Ringke MAX 

5 best Google Nexus 6 cases: Rearthe Ringke MAX

The Rearth Ringke MAX is a super-tough Nexus 6 case (£14.99, MobileFun). Its dual-layered design offers maximum protection and shock absorption for your smartphone, without retracting from its design. Indeed, a transparent panel at the rear reveals the Nexus logo and Motorola badge, while like the Spigen Neo Hybrid its edging mimics that of the Nexus 6 itself.  

In common with the Encase FlexiShield, the Rearthe Ringke Max has a raised bezel to protect the screen when placed down on flat surfaces, plus cutouts for all the ports and connectors. 

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