Apple's iPhone 5c is high on the wish lists of many tech-lovers this year, and for the younger generations, it's all about Furby Boom. So, we decided to put the two talkative gadgets in a room together to see what they had to say to one another in our Siri vs Furby Boom video above.

While we didn't expect miracles – Siri doesn't even understand us sometimes – we did think Siri would be able to pick up some of Furby's utterances. However, the pair didn't get along so well. The result was lots of laughing and giggling from Furby while Siri (and the Tech Advisor team) grew more and more agitated, not understanding what Furby was trying to say.

Above: Siri interprets Furby's nonsense as a question about ADHD.

Above: Furby's gobbledygook is somehow translated into the question, "Are you gay?" to which Siri replies, "I can't answer that."

There were moments when the two of them seemed to get along, embarking on short-lived conversations about car dealerships, ADHD and questions about sexuality.

But at the end of this experiment, the conclusion was clear: don't try this at home unless you're prepared for passers by to later find a dead Furby and a smashed up iPhone on the pavement as they walk past your window. See how frustrated we got with our Furby during the making of Siri vs Furby in the video below.