Podcasts remain hugely popular and the SlapDash Podcasts Windows 8 app proves that there's still a wide range of audio and video programmes out there, including comedy, sports and politics.

Podcasts continue to boom, although catch-up TV and radio shows have come along to challenge them, there are still plenty of shows out there, reflecting the fact it's a useful medium for sharing your enthusiasm for a topic. Podcasts are also ideal if you have limited bandwidth to enjoy streamed content, and shows can be packaged up as relatively small downloadable files for offline listening. (See also: Windows 8: the complete guide.)

These aspects are also useful from a broadcaster's point of view, while the fact that you can record and upload an audio file using just a microphone and laptop is also appealing. SlapDash Podcasts acts as a useful portal for discovering such broadcasts from within Windows 8. It serves up programmes organised into a 12 different categories, ranging from health, business, sports, technology and politics to comedy and movies. A lot of the content takes the form of video podcasts. The library lets you browse by all content, or either just audio or video. There are some big names here, but not everything is worth tuning in to. 

The fact that SlapDash offers no option to stop or pause playback once the video had started irked us. However, this isn't the case with all the programmes offered: The Guardian's Tech Weekly audio podcast has playback controls including the option to skip 30 seconds ahead or back. There are other quirks, though, such as a podcast continues to play after clicking away from it, with no option to turn it off; returning to its menu pauses it. Global playback settings for everything that appears in the SlapDash library would work better, though, we understand this a free app that merely assimilates interesting content.

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SlapDash Podcasts: Specs

  • Windows 8 PC or tablet
  • Windows 8 PC or tablet


SlapDash Podcasts presents a neglected broadcast medium as an attractive package that we found ourselves wanting to explore. We'd like to be able to discover and subscribe to our own feeds, but there's plenty to get stuck into.