Teleflip's free delivery of whitelisted email via SMS messages is greatfor immediate receipt of important, expected messages.

Full-blown email management is the raison d'etre for smartphones such as BlackBerry units, Windows Mobile devices, Palm Treos and Symbian-based handsets. But what if you don't have a high-end mobile phone? Teleflip lets you monitor (and if need be, respond to) email on a wide variety of mass-market handsets.

Teleflip requires no software download - a big plus. You just sign up online via your PC and list the addresses of senders whose mail you want delivered to your phone; Teleflip's servers immediately relay their messages as SMS text messages. That makes Teleflip feel like push email, and also makes it accessible to virtually every current handset.

But Teleflip has some negatives. Chief among them: it is npt yet available in the UK. Its whitelist approach, intended to keep your phone spam-free, makes monitoring your inbox difficult, and right now you can't authorise your entire contact list. Also, because SMS messages cannot exceed about 160 characters, Teleflip must split longer messages into several smaller ones. (You can, however, stop the messages at any time).

Teleflip plans to make money with ads at the bottom of email messages. You also need to pay carrier fees for text messages to use Teleflip.

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Teleflip: Specs

  • Mobile phone, email account
  • Mobile phone, email account


Teleflip is worthwhile if you want to get mail on your phone from only a few individuals. Free delivery of whitelisted email via SMS messages makes Teleflip best for immediate receipt of important, expected messages. It's not available in the UK yet, but when it is it will be a boon for mobile-phone users.

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