The Octiv Stage MP450 has a small footprint for an iPad dock, but it still manages to produce decent sound. While not as clear as some rival docks, the sound quality is perfectly acceptable for both music and movie playback.

One of the biggest benefits of the Octiv MP450 is its rotating dock arm, which can smoothly move an iPad or other iOS device from portrait to landscape orientation while docked. When in portrait orientation the iPad does cover most of the speaker, but it's unlikely to cause too much trouble.

Tablet Advisor

The stand that holds the iPad can also be angled back and forth in order to achieve a better viewing angle and a rubber adaptor is included in the box to better fit the iPad 2. Auxiliary input is also available via mini-jack connection to the rear of the device, but a USB connection is sadly lacking.


We love the rotating arm for portrait or landscape orientation, as well as the small footprint and auxiliary input. However, there's no USB connection, and your iPad will cover the speaker in portrait orientation.