NordVPN review

Billed as the world's most advanced VPN, NordVPN claims to use double encryption to ensure that it is the most secure solution on the market, but how easy is it to use? Find out in our NordVPN review. If you're looking for more information about why a VPN could benefit you, visit: What is a VPN?

You'll be pleased to hear that NordVPN is very easy to use. Installation, in line with the other Windows VPNs reviewed here, is as simple as downloading and clicking on the installation package. Run the installed client and flip the switch at the top of the interface to automatically select to the most efficient server. You can also select a country from the zoomable map, with the client itself selecting the exact server to use. On the Android version, you can press and hold a location to open its server list and view load statistics.

If you can't decide where would be the best place to connect to, simply click the Connection Wizard at the bottom left of the interface and select all the things you want from the menu (Security, Streaming, P2P, and Anonymity). Based on your clicks, NordVPN suggests a country. The Netherlands is best for P2P file sharing, for instance, but for anonymity the UK is best. If you're in another country, we suspect the advice will change based on your location or network load.

Based in Panama, NordVPN is outside the jurisdiction of the "14-eyes" group of security information sharing countries, and as you'd expect from a reputable VPN company in a crowded marketplace, there's no logging of customer surfing habits. There's also the usual kill switch, which will kill a list of specified apps should the VPN tunnel collapse. Unlike some other VPN clients, you select the apps to kill from a scrollable list.

With streaming being one of the connection wizard options, can home users stream Netflix US programmes? If you click on the search button at the top of the interface and enter "Netflix", NordVPN will suggest the best servers to select for access. At the time of writing, however, Netflix blocked all those we tried. There are a large number of servers in some destinations. The US server farm boasts over 600 machines alone, but working through the list when all you just want to watch your shows could be a pain.

Monthly fees are at the high end of the VPNs reviewed here, but the sheer number of servers should mean you get a rock solid service without connection delays. Along with the basic monthly fee, there's also a deal of $42 for 6 months, and a yearly fee of $69.00. Nord accepts credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin as well as Paymentwall, which is US-based.

Speaking of privacy, NordVPN can also connect to the Tor onion network directly instead of installing specialised software. Simply click the server list and select Onion over VPN. Select a server as an entry point to the Tor network and click connect.


A simple-to-use VPN solution with a huge number of servers to choose from. Tor access makes this attractive to serious privacy nuts, but there can be problems streaming Netflix US.