The Motorola Dext is its first smartphone based on the Google Android operating system. The 114x58x17mm phone has a flip-out Qwerty keyboard as well as a touch-sensitive onscreen keyboard. 

When not in use, the Dext's slide-out keyboard is hidden behind the handset's 3.1in display. The software keyboard, meanwhile, is only displayed when the Motorola Dext is horizontal. We found its keys quite small for our fingers and preferred to slide out the qwerty keyboard and use that to type messages and emails.

We also had difficulty scrolling up and down using the touchscreen of the Motorola Dext handset. It wasn't very responsive and we had to press the screen very hard to ensure my command was registered.

The Motorola Dext features MotoBlur; a service that allows users to get updates from all their different social media account including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and email (both webmail and outlook sync) in one place.

Once you've set up all your accounts on the Motorola Dext handset (the very first thing the device asks you to do when it is turned on for the first time) you'll then be able to see all your recent happenings from these accounts, such as new tweets, status updates and tagged pictures in Facebook to emails you have received, both to your webmail and synced Outlook accounts. You can even update your status straight from the home screen and elect which of your accounts you want to post it to.

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In particular we loved the fact MotoBlur takes all of your contacts from your social networks and those stored on our phone to combine them into one big address book, so you can see everyone in your life, both business and pleasure, and it tells you their latest activity, whether that was a call, SMS or email. It also displays their Facebook profile picture and status when they ring you.

We also loved the fact that the universal inbox displays both emails and text messages together so you don't have to open separate inboxes. They are distinguished by icons such as an envelope, or F for Facebook.

Your Motoblur account can also be accessed online, from any PC with an internet connection. This means you can locate your phone in Google Maps, thanks to GPS, ensuring you can track the Motorola Dext if you have lost it, as well as delete all data stored on it, to stop thieves getting their hands on it. The online service also lets you import contacts wirelessly from your PC in the form of a CSV file.

The user interface was clean and easy to navigate, with a customisable home page that allows you to place widgets to your favourite applications where you want. The browser too was easy to navigate. The address bar suggests locations when you start typing an address based on previous sites. To navigate around websites we simply swiped our finger up, down, left or right on the Motorola Dext's touchscreen, while to zoom in or out with simply tapped the screen.

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The Motorola Dext comes with Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring you'll always be able to work on the go, wherever you are.

Weighing 163g, the Motorola Dext is one of the heavier smartphones we've tested. It takes a microSD card up to 32GB, as well as a 5Mp camera with video capture, picture editing facilities and also a geo-tagging function using the device's GPS, which also offers turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps and the Street View function to give real views of a location.

Finally, we also loved the fact that when the Motorola Dext is turned off and charging a battery monitor displays what percentage the battery is charged by.

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Motorola Dext: Specs

  • 58x114x15.6mm, 163g, 3.1in 320x480 touchscreen, flip-out qwerty keyboard, Google Android OS, 5Mp camera with video capture function, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, 1420 mAh lithium polymer
  • 58x114x15.6mm, 163g, 3.1in 320x480 touchscreen, flip-out qwerty keyboard, Google Android OS, 5Mp camera with video capture function, Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, 1420 mAh lithium polymer


If you’ve got a number of social media accounts you want to stay up-to-date with then the Motorola Dext is the ideal phone for you.