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  • Sony Xperia L1 review

    Sony Xperia L1 review

    How does Sony's Xperia L1 compare to other budget phones? Find out in our review

    30 Aug 2017     Price from: £169     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • Sony Xperia XA1 review

    Sony Xperia XA1 review

    The Sony Xperia XA1 offers 23Mp stills, facial recognition and a bunch of nice photographic features for £229. Here's our review

    22 Aug 2017     Price from: £229     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 review

    Samsung Galaxy S8 review

    Somehow, the best phone just got even better

    21 Aug 2017     Price from: £689     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • LG G6 vs LG Q6

    LG G6 vs LG Q6

    LG's 'G6 mini' goes on sale in the UK, but how does it compare to the flagship G6?

    21 Aug 2017     Price from: £649

  • Nokia 8 vs Galaxy S8

    Nokia 8 vs Galaxy S8

    Can the new Nokia 8 compete with the King of Android, Samsung's Galaxy S8?

    18 Aug 2017     Price from: £689

  • iPhone 7 review

    iPhone 7 review

    The iPhone 7 has fantastic cameras and is now waterproof

    11 Aug 2017     Price from: £599     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • Nokia 3 review

    Nokia 3 review

    Is Nokia's new Android phone a bit too budget?

    10 Aug 2017     Price from: £130     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • LG G6 review

    LG G6 review

    LG stands tall with the G6, a bigger screened flagship Android handset to rival Samsung

    09 Aug 2017     Price from: £649     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • Asus Zenfone AR review

    Asus Zenfone AR review

    The Project Tango-enabled Zenfone AR is an incredible bit of kit - here's what we thought of it

    08 Aug 2017     Price from: £800     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • Moto G5s vs Moto G5s Plus

    Moto G5s vs Moto G5s Plus

    We explain what is the difference between Motorola's brand-new budget phones, the Moto G5s and Moto G5s Plus

    03 Aug 2017     Price from: £219

  • Moto G5 vs G5s

    Moto G5 vs G5s

    The special edition Moto G5s is here: we compare it to the 'old' model

    02 Aug 2017     Price from: £219

  • Hands-on: Nokia 6 review

    Hands-on: Nokia 6 review

    The Nokia 6 has good specs and a gorgeous design at a brilliant price. Find out more in our Nokia 6 review

    02 Aug 2017     Price from: £199

  • Moto Z2 Play review

    Moto Z2 Play review

    Here's what we think of the modular Moto Z2 Play

    01 Aug 2017     Price from: £379     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • Honor 9 review

    Honor 9 review

    Honor's latest flagship is here, but can it stand up to its pricier rivals?

    28 Jul 2017     Price from: £379     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • The best kids' phones for 2017

    The best kids' phones for 2017

    They might be first-time users but kids have no qualms using tech, and they will love all the phones on our list

    26 Jul 2017

  • Elephone P8 Mini review

    Elephone P8 Mini review

    A true rival to the Moto G5 - and cheaper - we review the Elephone P8 Mini

    25 Jul 2017     Price from: £123     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • PureVPN review

    PureVPN review

    This is a solution aimed firmly at non-technical users who just want to click and connect.

    25 Jul 2017     Price from: £2     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review

    Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review

    One of the largest phones to ever grace our doors, the Mi Max is back in its second generation

    20 Jul 2017     Price from: £216     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • Xiaomi Mi Note 2 review

    Xiaomi Mi Note 2 review

    A great-value big-screen phone that is more than a Galaxy Note 7 lookalike

    12 Jul 2017     Price from: £497     ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

  • OnePlus 5 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    OnePlus 5 vs Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    Can the cheaper OnePlus compete with a 4K HDR screen, super slow motion and waterproofing?

    07 Jul 2017     Price from: £449

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