The lack of a decent YouTube player is a constant source of irritation for BlackBerry owners, but the Xenozu YouTube player isn't about to set things right.

The appeal of a YouTube application is obvious - streaming videos, optimised for the kind of reduced internet speeds you get when you're connecting from the top level of a bus. YouTube players work superbly on the Palm Pre and iPhone, for instance.

Xenozu starts strongly - there aren't many YouTube players available on the BlackBerry to start with, but it's all downhill from there. The user interface is extremely low-rent - low contrast type is difficult to read, and the media player controls on our BlackBerry Curve's screen were too small.

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Video playback was reasonable - quality was much the same as what you get when you visit on your handset, but we had frequent problems trying to momentarily quit the player to read a message. Often the video layer remained on top of the BlackBerry's home page, and the only way to quit was often to hold down the power button until the phone turned itself off.


You can bookmark videos, and sort YouTube's millions of hours of footage by the number of times they've been viewed, or by the most recently added videos, but when the experience of actually watching a video, and the usability of the application itself, is so bad, there's precious little advantage over going to and watching via the browser.