Eclipse’s i7-2600K-based Platinum i726n560 desktop PC distinguishes itself from the group with a pair of nVidia GTX 560 graphics cards. Its gaming performance is by far the best on test.

Dual-graphics card setups are more complicated than single-card solutions and are often best left to hardcore gamers. But with the GTX 560, nVidia has hit the sweet spot where the price/performance ratio of a pair of cards exceeds that achieved by a single card. Note, however, that the Eclipse Platinum i726n560's noise and power-consumption levels are significantly higher as a result.

Power PCs chart ranking

  1. Dino PC Ravenous 2600K
  2. Eclipse Platinum i726n560
  3. Chillblast Fusion Quantum
  4. Arbico Elite i7-2695 HD
  5. Chillblast Fusion Zenith

There’s 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, and the Eclipse Platinum i726n560 is built around an ASRock motherboard that uses the P67 chipset. This enthusiast board offers four USB 3.0 ports, but only two are available at the front of the PC case.

Extra fan-mounting points are found at the top and bottom of the system case, but if you’re planning to overclock the processor we recommend upgrading the Eclipse Platinum i726n560's standard Intel CPU cooler first.

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A 23.6in HKC 2249A monitor is provided. This is an adequate display, but better models are found elsewhere in the chart. A Blu-ray drive and external speakers are noticeable omissions from the Eclipse Platinum i726n560's spec.

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