Eclipse's Fusion Crossfire i792R585 is a power-hungry Windows 7 desktop PC based on Intel’s Core i7 920 CPU and an HD 5850 graphics card.

Following a similar spec to the Best Buy Mesh, the Eclipse Fusion Crossfire i792R585 is also based on Intel's discontinued Core i7 920 CPU, combined with an ATI Radeon HD 5850 graphics card.

The Eclipse Fusion Crossfire i792R585 picked up 133 WorldBench 6 points, the lowest score here, but performance is still good; most users wouldn't notice the difference of a few points.

With 6GB of RAM fitted into the Biostar motherboard, three slots remain for future expansion. The Eclipse Fusion Crossfire i792R585 also offers support for CrossFireX, enabling to you to boost gaming performance with a second card.

A terabyte (1TB) of storage is provided with the Eclipse Fusion Crossfire i792R585 in a single drive. This doesn't offer the performance boost of our Best Buy machine's Raid 0 arrangement, but it's less prone to data loss.

The Eclipse Fusion Crossfire i792R585's Arial AI-01 system case is one of the most stylish and solidly built of the group. It looks expensive and comes with a pair of USB ports and audio jacks conveniently placed at the side of the case.

The 24in full-HD BenQ widescreen monitor is another excellent choice on Eclipse's part, delivering excellent image quality whether you're working, gaming or watching HD video. A Blu-ray drive would have been a welcome addition to complete the Fusion Crossfire i792R585's multimedia credentials, however.

Chart ranking (issue 174)

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  2. Eclipse Fusion Crossfire i792R585
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