Despite its inclusion of a slower 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 920 CPU, the Arbico Elite i7890 HD provides excellent performance. Indeed, the Elite got a score of 138 in WorldBench 6 and was only four points shy of the 950-based Eclipse.

Graphics performance from the standard HD 4890 is very good but not up to the standards of the Eclipse's souped-up GTX 275. The Arbico Elite i7890 HD's 460W PSU is also less impressive than our Best Buy's 800W model and is unlikely to be sufficient for overclocking.

The Arbico Elite i7890 HD does offer advantages over the Eclipse, however; not least the £100 price difference. The set of surround-sound speakers and a Blu-ray drive are a good match for the 24in full-HD Iiyama monitor, which also includes an HDMI input.

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A pair of 500GB hard drives has been arranged in a Raid 0 configuration, while a third has been left spare. This is a wise choice by Arbico, since it allows the operating system to benefit from increased disk performance while providing the added security of a second volume for backups.

The Gigabyte motherboard has been used successfully in Arbico's PCs for many months. Its performance credentials are indisputable, but it lacks the expandability of some models, with only four memory slots available - three of them already filled with the Elite i7890 HD's 6GB of DDR3 RAM.

The Arbico Elite i7890 HD's Cooler Master system case is smart and tidy, although it doesn't offer the build quality or cooling found on the CyberPower.

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  5. Chillblast Fusion Thunder

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