Lunascape 6.8.3 browser review

At first sight Lunascape appears to be an exciting and interesting web browser that has some unusual features. For example, it is a triple-engine browser. Instead of being based on a single engine, such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, it contains all of them. See all software reviews.

You can choose a default engine to use when starting the browser (or opening a new tab), but there's a button in the toolbar that enables you to switch from one engine to another. This is useful if a website isn't being displayed correctly (or a feature isn't working properly) in, say, Internet Explorer. You can click the button to switch to Firefox and reload the page. If you like, you can open the same page using all three engines in three tabs side by side. Web developers find this useful as they can check for any compatibility problems. Take a look at Avant Force Avant Browser 2013 review: discover an alternative web browser.

Lunascape is flawed, though, in that the rendering engines are dated. It appears to use Firefox 3.6, the Internet Explorer version depends on what is installed, and the WebKit (Chrome) engine isn’t the latest either. The performance and HTML5 compatibility is very poor and for these reasons we can't recommend it at the moment.

It's a shame because the browser has a good range of features. It can tile tabs in the window so you can see several pages at once, it can watch the clipboard and open a tabs whenever you copy URLs, and it can use the empty space to the right of tabs to display a news ticker. Tabs to the right, tabs to the left, and inactive tabs can be closed. Despite all the tab features, there's one irritation: to close a tab manually you have to switch to it and then close it. Other browsers allow you to simply click the X.

Lunascape supports RSS feeds. A panel on the left is used to manage subscriptions and the feeds appear as drop-down menus in a toolbar. Select some text on a page and a menu pops up with search, translate, copy and other options. In other browsers you have to right-click. Web pages can be saved as images, there are mouse gestures and more.

Lunascape 6.8.3: Specs

  • Available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac version coming soon
  • Available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac version coming soon


This would be a great browser with up-to-date engines, but as it is, it's best avoided. It fails miserably with modern HTML5 compatibility and performance, but it's one to keep an eye on.