The Adesso MKB-135B is a no-nonsense mechanical keyboard that doesn't have quite the same polish or feature selection as the high-end offerings we looked at but it's a relatively inexpensive upgrade.

This Adesso MKB-135B keyboard uses Cherry MX Blue switches, which feel wonderfully clicky and responsive. Typing on the MKB-135B feels very similar to typing on the Das Keyboard Model S Professional, which costs twice as much.

A few design decisions separate the Adesso MKB-135B from its more expensive brethren, however. The entire keyboard feels as if it's angled slightly differently from a standard keyboard, so more often than not we found ourself typing on the edge of a key rather than on its face.

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This is particularly noticeable with the spacebar, where our thumb was practically resting on the edge rather than the face. Also, the letters printed on the keys don't look particularly attractive (and some of them don't seem to be centered on the key itself).

The glossy black design is apparently trying for a carved-out-of-obsidian look, but it appears a bit cheap.


The Adesso MKB-135B is a no-frills mechanical keyboard good for budget-minded folks who like Cherry MX Blue switches. The USB and audio pass-through ports are also a nice plus considering that several of the pricier models don't have them. But if you have a little extra cash, it's worth your while to check out some of the pricier competing models, which you might find more comfortable.