Are you a Liverpool supporter who wants to re-enact that epic Champions League triumph from 2005? Or are you a Ronaldinho fan who always wanted to retrace his steps through his career? Or perhaps you don’t rise to that level of fanaticism - you just want to play a simple, intuitively designed football game on your handheld.

Regardless of your football background, Real Football 2010 is worth a look. Gameloft’s sequel to the 2009 edition is sure to please both dedicated football fans and casual gamers alike. Graphically impressive, easy to pick up, loaded with features, and offering some of the deepest gameplay on the iPhone, Real Football 2010 isn’t just an upgrade over the previous edition, but one of the best games to come to the iPhone this year.

Real Football 2009 was one of the App Store offerings that first highlighted Gameloft’s potential to be a serious developer in the iPhone world. In the ensuing year, Gameloft established itself as one of the most highly regarded app makers out there - any time you start one of its iPhone programs, the high-end opening cinematics makes it clear the developer tales the platform quite seriously.

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Like any major platform, the iPhone is now home to several sports games franchises. But instead of superficially upgrading the game and replacing the year in the title, Real Football 2010 offers significant upgrades that returning fans and newcomers will appreciate.

The graphics are noticeably better, with the detail on the players much more refined. The ability to change camera views means you actually can zoom in a bit more and see your players up close. Wayne Rooney still doesn’t look like much, but he’s at least a more detailed generic player model.

The most important new feature is the vastly improved multiplayer functionality. Instead of being limited to local wireless matches, you can now register on Gameloft Live and square off against players from all over the world. Registering your account only takes a few seconds, and afterward, you can challenge players to ranking matches, friendlies, and even see your international ranking.

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