As tablets like the Apple iPad, reviewed, start being more than cool gadgets and media displays, and actually replacing laptops as the mobile computer of choice, so the need for more functional cases grows.

There are thousands of iPad cases out there, and a handful are genuinely useful for more than protecting the tablet from knocks and scratches.

Increasingly popular are iPad cases with integrated Bluetooth keyboards: such as the Zaggfolio, Kensington KeyFolio Pro, and the Sena Keyboard Folio.

iPad case reviews

Just as handy, and for those who like the virtual iPad keyboard, are cases such as this one that have multiple pockets, and notepad and pens holder built in.

The Florence Portfolio, from luxury mobile case maker Sena, is like a super-slim briefcase for the mobile iPad user. It fits both the iPad 2 and the new iPad (aka iPad 3).

This excellent executive iPad case features four credit/business card pockets and a clear ID holder. There are also two multi-purpose pockets, a pen holder and place for a writing notepad (for when you really must do some actual pen work). Ok, you can't keep your sandwiches in it, but I'm sure there's a case out there that will.

Sena Florence Portfolio iPad case work

Like Apple’s Smart Cover the Florence Portfolio has a magnetic energy-saving sleep function activator, and a micro-Fiber lining with protective layer.

Of course it includes the usual port cutouts and stands that are expected of an iPad case.

Remarkably all these extra pockets and flaps don’t bulk out the case all that much. It’s not the slimmest case around but it’s not heavy or cumbersome in any way.

Sena Florence Portfolio iPad case slim

It is available in black, red and brown leather.

Sena also makes a plainer, slimmer (£57) Florence iPad case without the pockets and notepad holders, but with the magnetic closure. Another option is the equally smart Sena Folio and Folio II (both £69), which have less pockets but enough for most mobile workers.

Sena Florence Portfolio iPad case exec

Florence Portfolio: Specs

  • Fits Apple iPad 2 and Apple's 2012 new iPad (iPad 3).
  • Fits Apple iPad 2 and Apple's 2012 new iPad (iPad 3).


With the Sena Florence Portfolio the mobile iPad user can leave the briefcase/rucksack/laptop bag at home. Its multiple pockets and pen and notepad holder cover most business requirements. And the luxury leather look-and-feel and smart design would grace any executive’s office.