Does slow and steady win the race? PC Tools Internet Security 2011’s answer is a definite yes. This internet security suite will get your PC clean, no matter how long it takes. Updated 19 January, 2011

Our lab tests showed PC Tools Internet Security 2011’s scanning performance to be extremely good, blocking 24 out of 25 real-world attacks (tying for the top mark on this test). It detected an above-average 97.7 percent of zoo malware.

In our tests, PC Tools Internet Security 2011 produced virtually no false positives, and it tied with a number of other security suites for the highest score in removing active malware components (with an 80 percent success rate). Most impressively, it removed all traces of infections 70 percent of the time, earning it the distinction of being the strongest performer in that particular test.

But PC Tools Internet Security 2011 takes its time. Its on-demand scan speed ranked 12th among the 13 suites we've recently evaluated, and it had the most severe impact on system performance of the products we tested, slowing down computers considerably.

Paradoxically, on-access scanning with PC Tools Internet Security 2011 is spry. In fact, it was the fastest at performing these automatic file-by-file scans of all the security suites we tested.

Getting around in PC Tools Internet Security 2011 is simple. Four big status buttons tell you whether you’re safe from malware and spam, and whether your firewall is engaged; and settings are easy to access, with appropriate configuration options.
Given PC Tools’ inexpensive price and its solid performance, the suite is tempting – go for it as long as you don’t need to use your computer for anything else while the software is scanning.

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