For the 7950 GX2, nVidia has taken a different approach. Instead of constantly designing and refining ever-faster GPUs, the firm has, in effect, taken two underclocked 7950GTs and sandwiched them together. The result is an absolute beast of a card that sports 1GB of memory.

EVGA in turn couldn't resist ramping up the speeds to 550MHz on the core and 1,400MHz on the RAM, making this one of the fastest GX2s around. And it has a lifetime warranty.

Sadly, the software bundle is lacking in excitement, extending only to drivers and trial software. The usual plethora of video, monitor cables and adapters are present.

EVGA 7950 GX2 Super Clocked: Specs


At resolutions below 1,600x1,200 the Gainward 7900GTX and Sapphire X1950XTX have the edge, but as we increased the resolution, the GX2 opened up a clear gap. Unfortunately, this comes at a price. For £400 you could buy an entire PC, making the expense tough to justify.