In Osmos, a puzzle/action game from Hemisphere Games, the bigger you are, the better. Built specifically for the iPad after enjoying success (and earning awards) on the Mac and PC, Osmos is a game of nebulous, colorful cells called "Motes", and your quest to become the biggest, most dominant mote on screen. An oddly soothing and entrancing experience, Osmos is so well adapted to the iPad's unique control scheme that you couldn’t imagine playing it on anything else.

A Mote has the appearance of a single-celled organism. It grows by moving toward and absorbing smaller Motes. Simple enough, but there’s a problem: colliding with a larger Mote has the opposite effect and you quickly get swallowed up by them. In the world of Osmos, it’s survival of the largest.

To propel yourself in any direction you just tap the opposite side of your Mote that you wish to travel in, so to move right you would tap the left side and so on. Doing so jettisons small amounts of matter, essentially pushing you in the opposite direction but making you a little smaller with each tap. This results in every decision becoming a trade-off between losing and gaining mass.


The compelling gameplay is ably supported by the impressive physics engine. Each Mote seems to have its own gravity, which can affect the trajectory of other Motes passing nearby. You can zoom in and out of the playing area to get a better view of the whole scene and plan your path of travel.

You’ll also run into other types of Motes that will require quick-thinking and clever strategies: Antimatter Motes swallow up anything they come in contact with and must be avoided, while Repulser Motes push away anything that comes near them. Some levels will have you orbiting around a super-sized Mote, while others will have you surrounded by larger Motes, requiring precise movement to avoid being swallowed up.

The different types of Motes and various level configurations prevent the game from becoming stale while managing to always have the same basic goal—become the largest Mote. For those looking for more challenging gameplay, you can even speed up or slow down time by sliding a finger left or right on the bottom of the screen. If you speed up time everything moves at a much more frantic pace and your reflexes become a huge factor in your success. If you slow time down everything really creeps along so you can better control your Mote’s movement. For beginners, a slower-paced game is the way to go.


Osmos has a zen-like feel to it with no time limits, unlimited lives and a relaxing musical score that fits well with its cosmic look. Graphically, Osmos is quite pleasing as well. All the Motes look great as they change color from orange to blue letting you know that they are either smaller or larger than you.

More to the point, the iPad and Osmos are a match made in heaven. If you’ve got an iPad and you enjoy relaxing (yet challenging) games, you’re sure to enjoy Osmos.

Osmos: Specs

  • Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
  • Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


A beautiful, calming, and surprisingly challenging game that is perfectly suited to the iPad interface. At such a low price, there's really no excuse not to buy Osmos.