Neverland Card Battles is one baffling game. While this title has all the basic fundamentals of a decent card-based tactical RPG (large battlegrounds, complex combat rules, and so on), they actually make one really terrible game when they're all put together.

With a bland story, bad voice acting, and one of the most annoying tactical systems I've seen in an RPG, I can't recommended Neverland Card Battles for anyone but fans of this niche series.

Neverland Card Battles: tag, you're it (again)

For some weird reason, I can't help thinking that Neverland Card Battles should be a better game than this. Not only does the combat interface look dull in comparison to the game's hand-drawn artwork, it's unnecessarily complex for no apparent reason.

When you enter a battle, you're encouraged to capture as much territory as possible, which allows you to summon cards of many different types. However, for several attacking options you're required to be spitting distance from your opponent, who will happily run and skip beyond your reach while claiming space on the combat board. This is eventually eased by the addition of magic cards, but most of them won't have the power needed to KO your opponent.

While I was playing the game, I'd often get frustrated after executing a solid card combo just to watch my opponent simultaneously take over my territory while dancing away from my attacking army. It's like playing tag, but devoid of enjoyment and ten times more frustrating.

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