Let's Golf 3D is a game very reminiscent of the Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf series. Technically, this version is Let's Golf 2, also available for iOS and Android mobile devices, but with two screens and an added 3D effect for Nintendo's 3DS handheld. There are several courses, lots of unlockables, and a variety of challenges. An alternating two-player mode is also included, though there is no multisystem multiplayer either locally or online.

The game's interface is silky smooth. You can use the touch screen or buttons to swing and tinker with the length of your shot, the club you're using, and more. It employs the tried-and-true "press the button once for length and then once more for accuracy" control method that a lot of golf games have used for years, and while it might not be innovative, it works.

Let's Golf 3D also has a lot of content and a nice sense of progression. You start off with two golfers and one course. Over time, you unlock more golfers and courses, as well as new challenges (10 in total) for each course. You also gain experience which is used to level up your characters, and you can change your stats depending on what unlockable gear you equip as well. The gameplay is nothing but golf, but there is some welcome variety with closest-to-the-pin competitions and more. The courses themselves are varied and interesting, including one that takes place on Mount Olympus and another that features frozen tundra.

On the downside, the load times are plentiful, and there is often an unfortunate delay between different segments of the game. It does not reward the impatient, as while you can use the A button to skip past scenes, if you hit it too much, you'll accidentally start your next swing when the game eventually loads. The content also does get repetitious because, well, it's just golf.

The lack of any kind of online component is a bummer, and the included alternating two-player mode just isn't that fun as there is a large disconnect in a portable game when you use alternating controls.

Still, with a Career mode that contains more than 50 challenges spread out across 6 courses, there is a lot of game packed into this download. Just playing to unlock all the courses and characters will take you several hours, and if you go through the rest of the game's challenges, it'll take you even longer.

Let's Golf 3D: Specs

  • 3DS only, download via eShop
  • 3DS only, download via eShop


If you want a golf game you can pick up and play at any moment on your 3DS, then the low price tag is no barrier, especially since Let's Golf 3D has a wealth of content totalling around 10 hours if you get into it. However, it is cheaper on other platforms that also include the online play that this game lacks.