The classic file-compression utility for Windows PC users remains WinZip- now owned by Corel. As straightforward compression features are now built-in to Windows, the question remains as to why anyone would pay money for an extra utility such as Corel WinZip Pro 11.1. Has the rise of huge hard drives and broadband compromised one of the main reasons for these applications? Not when they're as good as Corel WinZip Pro 11.1.

Is there any point?

Corel WinZip Pro 11.1 promises – and in some cases delivers – better compression for file formats such as Jpeg and MP3, which are already highly packed file formats.

The actual amount of compression achieved by Corel WinZip Pro 11.1 in such circumstances is typically rather small (generally between 2 and 5 percent). Corel WinZip Pro 11.1, however, handles huge file compressions better than the standard Windows zip utility.

Such facilities alone won't justify the price of Corel WinZip Pro 11.1, but the range of extra features will. If you need to protect the security of your files, Corel WinZip Pro 11.1 offers encryption tools (128bit and 256bitp).

Corel WinZip Pro 11.1 supports a wide range of compression formats, such as RAR and CAB archives. As well as this, you can create self-extracting archives which will open without the need for Corel WinZip Pro 11.1 to be present.