Creative's Zen Vision W, being larger-screened and chunkier, is designed for video above all other functions, but the Apple iPod Video sits elegantly on the fence. It’s an oversized music player but smaller than your average full-blown portable video player. Whether this is a plus or a drawback depends on your point of view.

The Apple iPod Video happily plays video content, of course, and its crisp, clear screen is well up to the task. Indeed, the iPod Video's seven-hour battery life makes it feasible to watch three films on a single charge, compared with the Creative's two (at a push). The down side is the screen 'real estate' - a 2.5in display makes for tired eyes after a couple of hours of viewing.

The smaller screen makes for a correspondingly smaller device meaning the Apple iPod Video can be carried around in a pocket and used for casual music accompaniment while travelling or working out - although it can't compete with Apple's own iPod shuffle and its petite rivals in this respect. The Apple iPod Video is an extremely competent all-rounder.